Going through the wringer (Day 10/ 10 January 2012/ Project 365)

sharpening both ends until there's nothing left

I was sharpening my stash of pencils when I suddenly had the brilliant idea to capture one of them as my entry for the day for my Project 365.

I am one of those OC people who can’t bear to use an unsharpened pencil. Call me crazy but I can’t function if the pencil I am using is not thin-sharp. I find that they don’t look as neat and nice when used on a very nice paper. Hence, I always bring a sharpener with me anywhere I go. During meetings you’ll see me sharpening my usual two pieces of Mongol while nodding and listening to the discussion. I will delivery choose a seat nearest to the trash cans just so I can sharpened my pencil in all its pointed tip glory. To make sure that my notebook or planner won’t look dirty, I also bringing my rubber eraser. My weapon of choice is Mongol Number 2 pencil sharpened to perfection.

I chose this picture because this photo reminds me of my current state of mind at work. I am currently tired and drained due to a lot of concerns about work and my financial state in general. There are days when I feel like I am burning both ends of the stick. Like I may be sharpened, ready for the work and professional challenges ahead yet inside, I am losing whatever strength I have inside of me.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Some pencils are better than others. Great picture choice for the post

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Thank you! 🙂

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