Sweet nothings (Day 09/ 09 January 2012/ Project 365)

i heart you!

It’s the little things that can make you smile.
Don’t you just love it when–in the middle of an otherwise crappy day–something pops up to give smile to your face. For me it’s this sweet little cupcake which is so cute I am tempted to just put it in my table and just stare at it when days are dreary.

Yeah, I don’t care about the ants and the icky cockroach that I am sure will beat me to the pink icing.

Cupcakes are waaaaay up there when it comes to my list of favorite things: cupcakes, vanilla ice cream, cute little things, a bouquet of summer flowers and yes anything polka-dot. I love the sickly sweet icing and the tiny cute toppers. My favorite is Cupcakes my Sonja available at Serendra (in Bonifacio Global City). I also spend a lot of time watching DC Cupcakes and Cupcake Wars on cable, dreaming NOT of the time when I’ll get to open my cupcake shop, but of the time when I can see in person the DC Cupcakes boutique in Washington DC.

It’s the sweet little things that really make life worthwhile.

PS: Have you seen the stack of books in the background? Yeah, I have a built-in library on my office table. Most over-used is the ever dependable Strunk & White (this has been my writing and grammar bible even during my reporter days)

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