Forever (Day 08/ 08 January 2012/ Project 365)


I am not married to an executive, or to an heir to a large fortune.
I do not experience the comforts usually associated with that of a pampered wife–meaning, the hubby does not give me allowance which I can spend to my heart’s content. We do not have hired help and yes, we rent a small space from my parents.

In spite of that we are happy. And yes, I am lucky to be married to my husband. Kind, patient and understanding, this guy puts up with me and my various eccentricities. Everyday, while I try to soldier on to whatever crap life may be in store for me, this person knows if I am hurting or even dying from the inside.

He can’t buy me designer bags and will think twice before splurging on a shoe shopping spree, but this guy will gladly give-up whatever little he has if it will make me happy. This week, he worked two jobs (he works part-time in a call center, then took another job as a contractor) in order to provide me allowance for work and leave money for whatever emergency we have at home. Earlier, he surprised with a good dinner at CPK, bought me new slacks at Dorothy Perkins plus allowed me to splurge on a few things. He did all of this with whatever he earned for one week of working two jobs, plus gave me money for our savings.

While enjoying our Peking Duck Salad at CPK, he suddenly said, “The reason why I work hard and dedicated to maintaining two jobs is so that I can give you moments such as these. The opportunity to enjoy a good dinner and the small pleasure of buying even little things.”

I am blessed to have this man.

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