PUJ Chronicles

public utility jeepney - pic not mine

If you have to go somewhere in this country, in one time or another, you have to ride a jeepney.
Considered the “King of the Road” in this country, there is no street where you will not find this popular mode of local transportation.

Thing is– the inside of a jeepney is a mini-ecosystem in its self. You find a host of characters that defines normal convention. There are the prayerful old aunties, the students, the anti-social, the talker, the Mr/Ms. Congeniality, the sleepyheads and the lovers. Of all these types, it’s the lovers who usually attract vomit to come out of your mouth.

For a week now, I’ve been shunning cabs and resorted to taking the jeep as I shuttle to and from work. It’s because my budget is really below sea-level and in order to save cash, I have to take public transpo and take my own lunch to work. After doing this, I managed to save close to three hundred bucks (which technically is enough for my allowance next week) but after a short effing trip to the Daiso branch in Market! Market! during lunch earlier, I blew all my savings on an onigiri maker and animal picks (damn! damn!)

Anyway, back to my jeepney experience — last night, I had the misfortune of sharing the rickety old jeep with a college-aged couple who seem to have given “Public Display of Affection” a new meaning. For some twist of fate, I had the misfortune of sitting across this couple who kept cooing…COOING! as our jeep hurled kamikaze-like in one of Makati’s narrow streets. I kid you not, they are cooing — emitting sounds like “eeeeeeeeeeeh…..eeeeeeeeeeh” as the girl pouts her lips and waits for the guy to kiss her face. The woman beside me kept looking at the young couple, maybe contemplating if she should contact their parents.

Then, they started feeding each other with grapes, straight from the plastic receptacle. Then they started kissing.

I don’t understand the kids of today. When I was young, the fact that you are holding the hands of the guy you were dating is enough. You don’t kiss in public because God forbid any of your relatives, your neighbor or even your mom’s church mate see you and report you to your parents–effectively banning you from dating for life.

I was tempted to fish for the three hundred pesos on my wallet and plead to the guy to go to the nearest love hotel, for the Love of God!

The sad thing is, I think these kids were testing us oldies if any of us will comment or scold them for their behavior. They kept looking in our direction, but since we shut up –they kept going at it like lonely rabbits.

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