I wore my running pants to work and I got away with it (Day 06/ 06 January 2012/ Project 365)


The thing with having a lot of dresses and tops is that I don’t have respectable pants. I have two work slacks, both of which spell boring and one corduroy pants which I always pass of as work slacks. Maybe I stopped liking pants when my butt grew too big to fit in them.

Don’t you find it embarrassing when you keep on fitting pants in a nice shop and the sales staff kept bringing you size after size after size? Outside, the sales staff kept asking “Ma’am does it fit? Ma’am does it fit”– while you sweat and curse trying to stuff all that flab inside the uncooperative fabric. You kept saying “no, sorry it doesn’t fit” until you give up and sheepishly step out of the dressing room muttering “never mind” under your breath before hurrying out of the store.

That happened to me before, and it’s not a pleasant experience. So, I stopped liking pants and I stuck to my skirts and dresses. These things allowed me to hide my flabs and still looked decent. But one still has to work and most of my dresses are not really appropriate for work–so I still have to deal with pants.

This morning, both my work slacks are in the laundry hamper and I really don’t wanna wear another skirt. Besides, I have a page open for CanCam that I wanted to replicate. So I rummaged on the newly-laundered sack of clothes and I managed to find the new running pants I bought about a month ago. I had a brilliant idea. I folded the bottom to make it shorter then paired it with my men style brogues. Problem solved.

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