The Cat and the Blonde (Day 1/01 January 2012/Project 365)

two peas in a pod

Starting my own Project 365 and it’s Day One. I’d love you to meet Sayuri, the other member of my little family with the hubby. I’ve written a lot of things about this cat and obviously, I love her to pieces. I got her almost three years ago as a kitten – saw her wrestling with a dog ten times her size. I was afraid that the dog will bite off her head and asked a neighbor to pry her away from the dog and bring her to me.

Since we don’t have kids yet, the Hubby and I tend to dote fiercely on this little creature. She is currently sleeping beside me as I type this piece. Earlier this morning, I accidentally locked her inside the comfort room and didn’t realized it until 30 minutes later. To say that she was effing mad at me was the understatement of the year. Her legs and tail were wet, her eyes was also splotchy due to the continuous crying and she was shaking in rage due to her human’s stupidity. It took me three hours, and countless food bribes before she acknowledged my existence.

Her name Sayuri (さゆり),means “small lily” — since she was so tiny the time we first found her. Lily was also a flower closely associated with me, hence people often conclude that the cat is a “small version of me”. She is finicky, melodramatic and has a tendency to pick the food she likes. She is not a big left-over fan and counts cheese balls as one of her favorites.

But I guess for the little “princess”, nothing beats having the hubby and I at the palm of her hands…or should I say paw?

3 Replies to “The Cat and the Blonde (Day 1/01 January 2012/Project 365)”

  1. Hi Ms Lanie
    Happy New Year! Wow you have a blonde hair 🙂 And I love your cat so adorable. I miss my cat! I had a pet too when I was in my elementary days 🙂

    1. Hey Anna!
      I miss our chikahan! It’s been quite a while. Kamusta ka na? Kamusta na ang business?
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. Cute kitty! Two stray kittens are currently taking up residence at our backyard, and I love them even though my mom said we wouldn’t adopt them.

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