Christmas is having cool things…and equally cool people

For someone who is not exactly one of the biggest fan of the manic Holiday season, I am lucky to have people who care for me, and even thought of the things I love.

Not bad for Christmas 2011 — I got a lot of really cool things from colleagues, friends, family, my in-laws and especially my long suffering hubby.

This was my office work table two weeks ago:

the much-abused desk

Not bad for an office newbie who barely know people. I got a lot of stuff from the people I’ve been very close to for the last six months that I’ve been part of the new company. My new colleagues, being the sweet human beings that they are, were even apologetic as they hand me their gifts. I mean, why apologize — you are giving me a gift! Something you’ve taken time and effort to buy and even wrap. I can’t even describe having to come in for work everyday and seeing a gaily wrapped present sitting on the desk, as if waiting for me to take a pick.

The crown jewel of the whole collection is the gift from my boss and Batman, the office big cheese. Batman (not his name of course) and I are avid comics aficionados, and the minute I saw the square yet flat gift — I knew it has to be Superman comics hiding beneath the packaging. I exercised all kinds of EQ to wait until the very end (I only lasted until Dec 23) before opening it. And I am not mistaken. Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Steel is one of the best stories under the Superman mythos. To explain how HIS story ended was simply genius and amazing at the same time. I finished reading the whole things Christmas eve.

Nevertheless, it’s really not a bad haul this year:

My graphic novels made it seem like this was meant for a 14 year old boy, but I assure you — this was one of the best Christmas loot ever. The hubby even bought me Superman Grounded (Vol 1) for Christmas, and promised to get the Volume 2 shortly after the new year.

Oh God, I am a blessed little brat. Thank you Lord.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    sana i thought of doing this…but it wasn’t much of a haul this year haha

    happy holidays lanikun!!!!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      happy holidays F! I hope you had a great one!’
      Hahaha! i am just happy with the loot I got 🙂

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