The whole tooth…and my ego too.

I remember distinctly that I was complaining some few months back that I have nothing more to share with you guys. I have pretty much exhausted all my material. But sometimes, you got to hand it over to the Universe, you can’t really say that she’s not listening. (I figured out that the Universe is a girl). I bet she said that, well — you asked me for a material for that danged blog of yours. I am giving you a material you will never forget.

Earlier, I was eating the soft style pizza from Figaro along with my good friend A when I heard the soft crack of a broken enamel plus the distinct feeling that I have just lost my front tooth. Panic started creeping in, along with my desire to start bawling when I realized that there were something in my mouth that sure felt like my teeth.

I discreetly pushed the offending thing on the tissue that I had and out came broken chunks of tooth, along with my pride. I am now officially missing parts of my two canine teeth and I am not even 65 years old! I lost big chunks of the tooth along with whatever remained of my pride and ego.

I can’t even imagine to tell you how embarrassed I am to be at mid-age yet still have the dental IQ of an eight year old child. I swear to God that I brush my teeth, I floss, I mouthwash and even short of having my teeth have its own CIA agents to baby sit them. To be blunt about it, I am not remiss in my duties. But I really have a very lousy luck.

I tried holding on the tooth but I figured what for? It’s not like I can grow them back by epoxying them on my poor molars. What makes me even sadder and hence, more embarrassed than what I really was is because my profession calls that I look like a decent human being with a nice set of working chompers. Plus, I don’t want to be know as that “toothless PR girl from my company. I am all for branding people but I don’t appreciate being called a toothless, heartless bitch 🙂

Logic dictates that I must soon visit the dentist and have these babies pulled out.

5 Replies to “The whole tooth…and my ego too.”

  1. Baka there’s another way…I visited the dental clinic here at the ground floor of our building (had to take an x-ray for a molar that i need removed) and there was a poster outside their door about the different services that they offer (with accompanying pictures). There was a photo of a chipped front tooth (“the before”) and beside it was a perfectly whole tooth (“and after”). I forgot what the procedure is called. I’ll check later when I go down for lunch and let you know what it’s called. =)

    *high five* with having the same dental IQ of an 8 year old! Though I’ve already set up an appointment for some cleaning…and yes, there’s also that other appointment that I need to do about the molar that needs to be taken out. =)


    1. lans,

      As I was reading your blog, I am caught beween being aghast at your situation and the meanie in me is trying to supress a laugh over the whole thing…. he he he

      I think Fizzy’s suggestion is the thing to do just to cover up for the holidays…. Wala bang picture jan…. he he he mwah!

      You know naman I love yah, no matter what….


      1. Oh I am not surprised! I can imagine you feeling awa and suppressing the need to make a large L on my forehead 🙂

        I am scheduled for a tooth extraction/operation this friday (yes, it’s that busted) so wish me luck 🙂

        Anyway, don’t count on the photo. I’d rather kill myself that be in the midst of my adorable Mean Team on a time like this. Thanks, but no thanks. Haha!

      2. Lans, (hug) hope you feel better soon. Merry christmas and a happy new year to you and mike…

    2. Will be seeing a dentist this weekend and from there, will check on possible options. I am leaning more and more on getting my tooth capped then bridged. I need to save pa for Implants as I’ve heard it will cost me close to PHP40,000. I’d rather spend that amount of money on travel no? Hahahaha!

      Hay naku F, thanks for the concern. I hate my tooth. Hahahaha!

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