Life’s little blessings: Death of Superman + We Love Japan shirt

With so many stressful things happening at the same time, it’s easy to forget of life’s little blessings. After all, it’s always easy to say that we lack a lot in life when I reality, life has been very good to us.

I was blessed to receive this “just-because” gift from my hubby last Thursday:

happy acquisitions

The Death of Superman comic book is my hubby’s attempt to replace my old comics collection, dating back from the mid-90s. A friend gave me the whole collection featuring the death of the Man of Steel from the hands of Doomsday. When I started working, I asked my brother to keep it for me. Unfortunately, I happen to come across a torn page from one of the comics one day while bumming around at the house. The brother also admitted that he lost some of the issues. So imagine my nice surprise when the hubby bought it for me.

Gambatte Japan!

The new shirt meanwhile is something which I have been hoping to get since the massive rebuild began after the Tohoku earthquake. I always believed that the Japanese are very resilient and hard working race and I have no qualms that they will be able to rebuild shortly and things will be better once again.

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