How to blow your bonus in just two days

Almost six months into the new company and I am finally reaping the financial rewards of my hard work.
I received enough, big compared to the usual amount I get, but small compared to the money received by my co-workers who have faithfully served the company for so many years.

The truth is, when I saw my bank account through BPI’s Online Banking I had to utter a quick prayer to God because I was not expecting to get that amount. I knew that I will be getting a good amount but not that much.

So with money in the bank, what did I do? Did I buy a new gadget? Did I had fun buying new clothes and all the satchel and brogues that my money can afford? Did I book for my latest trip? Did I stuffed myself silly until I can no longer move?


Funny but I didn’t buy anything for myself except for a 500 peso pair of brogues and an I love Japan shirt from Bench. I also bought colognes and some personal effects.

What I did with my money are the following: bought paint to begin the renovation efforts for our living room, bought new stuff for the bedroom especially pillows to replace the pathetic bunch we used to have. I also bought my mom, dad and the spouse random stuffs for their personal use. Then, I gathered all the unpaid bills and paid them all like a freaking mad woman. In a day, I managed to update my and the hubby’s insurance, the house’s cable bill as well as the credit card bill.

But more importantly, I decided to open a passbook account. I withdraw-ed all my remaining money and transferred it to a passbook account which I plan to cultivate for as long as I am present at my current company.

picture not mine

I also allotted money for the Hubby’s tuition. My hubby, working two jobs and barely getting sleep just to provide money, plans to enroll in an AutoCad course which he hopes to utilize to further his career. Since he heard from the group he is freelancing with that an AutoCad certification will help him earn more with his freelancing job.

So basically, I didn’t spent anything for myself. All the money went to the people I love and to the value that I hold dear. I want to be more responsible when it comes to my finances. I wanted to be able to provide for medicine and hospitalization, or buy things I really NEED (not WANT) or purchase plane tickets on a whim because I have the money.

In a nutshell, that’s how I blew all the money away in just two days. I may not have all the material trappings in the world, but surprisingly — I fee more fulfilled this time.

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