Let’s ROK!

picture NOT my property

I have the opportunity to go to this place with my sister come March.
But, in order for me to do that — I have to buy my plane tickets AND apply for a visa cos this place requires a visa for Filipinos.

Friends know me as someone who is no nonsense when it comes to taking risks. I have gambled a lot in my life — both personal and professional. I’ve always believed that we won’t be able to achieve anything in this life if we don’t take risks.

I have been called a lot of names in the past: careless, gambler, worry-free, child-like and a risk-taker. And I rarely let what other people frigging think stop me from what I want to do. So what the freaking hell am I waiting for right?

The price of a freaking plane ticket, that’s what! Plane tickets in a budget airline cost PHP8,000 (that’s about 200USD) and I am just being paranoid that if I don’t get the visa then there goes my 200USD!

Also, I feel that it’s too irresponsible for me to even spend that kind of money for that “trip” when I am also despairing on how I will save money for my masteral tuition.

Anyway, let’s see. I am waiting for some kind of sign from Above for me to throw caution to the wind and Just Do It!

One Reply to “Let’s ROK!”

  1. i’m assuming this is republic of korea? wow, go, go go!

    a friend went there a few weeks ago on a “fangirling” tour and pramis, ang ganda daw talaga.

    she got her tickets months ago and it was PHP3000 roundtrip lang because it was one of those promos from that same budget airline you’re referring to and they stayed at a hostel where a bed is around PHP800 a night.

    yep, there is a visa but what i like about it is that there’s no personal appearance required…which i like because i always have visions in my head of someone eyeing me from head to foot.

    gosh…gusto ko din….pero, go lanikun! don’t think! plus, i’m quite sure your sense of style would fit right in! =)

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