Anticipating my first Milo marathon

Clumsy old me has just decided to join the 35th Milo Marathon to be held on December 11 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.

race kit
Quite honestly, I didn’t know how I will survive the grueling five kilometer run. Obviously, I have weight issues and the excess tub of lard that I carry on my body has a way of slowing me down — my knees hurt, my chest contracts and I can’t breathe. But in spite this I still soldier on. I have joined a few marathons here and there as part of my old company and my performance usually leaves much to be desired. In fact, I usually join the 3K race cos I am confident that that’s the only leg that I am capable of finishing without being wheeled by a stretcher. I usually start strong only to end up as one of the remaining stragglers at the end of the race. In spite the usual pathetic showing, I continue because I love running. I also know that I need to start exercising, not only to lose weight but also to save whatever ounce of good health that I have in me. So, it comes as a surprise that I ended up signing for the 5k race. Honestly, I am worried and afraid that I will die of exhaustion but I don’t really have any choice. The 3K run is exclusively for kids and I’d rather wheeze and agonize than be the only adult running in a sea of munchkins. The funny thing is that I am hell sure that these kids will make me eat their dust and I’d end up like the pathetic nanny running after her charges. No freaking way, I’d rather crawl run the 5K marathon. Anyway, it seems I will just have to suck it up and run the 5K leg. It’s not like I won’t have training cos if I need to bribe my marathon-running office mate just for me to survive on the 11th, I will do it. And yes, I intend to finish this race even if it’s the last thing that I will do. What’s with marathons anyway that the whole Metro is gripped with marathon fever and that every company and brand is staging it’s own “race”. Maybe it’s the fact that Filipinos are getting more health conscious and running is something you can do where you can increase your resistance and lose weight at the same time. Plus, you don’t have to pay atrocious fees for gym membership — which I am sure you won’t get to use much because of your shitty work sked. Here in Manila, people run everywhere that it has spawned dedicated running areas in Boni High Street and the Ayala Triangle ground–thanks to the generosity of the corporations who own these tracks of land. Rest assured that I will update you on how I am doing and what will be my status during and after the race.

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