‘shroooooomed with Mushroom Burger

I really have to get out of this bedroom more–cos it seems I am indeed missing out.

During the trip going to Tagaytay, the hubby and I hitched with “BF” and “GF”, one of our couple friends who pass time traveling and eating out. It was already 11AM and the length of travel is slowly taking its toll. After all, we have been awake since 6AM for the long trip to Tagaytay and without a good breakfast or even coffee to tide us over. Sensing my hunger,”BF” said that we’ll have our brunch at Mushroom Burger.

I had no idea what Mushroom Burger was, after all, I was salivating with delicious thoughts of steaming “bulalo”. But “BF” assured me that it was THAT good, I just have to try it.

Imagine my surprise when “BF” pulled into a nondescript place sitting at the side of the road. After parking, I spied a wishing well at the back of the restaurant. I made a beeline to the side of the well, threw a five peso coin while uttering a quick wish. Meanwhile, BF, GF and the hubby were already at the side of the eatery, leading to the wooden, screened doors.

Inside was simple and very spartan. I was thinking if this was a simple “carinderia” but there seemed to be a lot of people lining up the counter. I noticed that there were a lot of bikers and backpackers, and it was just the four of us wearing semi-formal clothes. In spite the thread bare and simple condition of the canteen, the restrooms were clean, dry and smelled good. Definitely plus points from someone who has a deep aversion to dirty rest rooms.

picture above not mine

Anyway, I got the regular order of mushroom burger with cheese, plus gulaman drink (I LOVE GULAMAN!) while the hubby had the royal burger (mushroom beef patty, with egg plus veggies) plus iced tea. And it was so good. I don’t know if it’s because it’s not made entirely of beef but there wasn’t any of that “fatty” taste usually associated with burgers from fast food chains. The taste was meaty and earthy at the same time, complemented well by the crispy veggie (tomato and iceberg lettuce) and creamy cheese. The bun was just right but I am a bit disappointed because I was hoping that the bun would be a bit softer than the usual.

I couldn’t even tell you how good it was. The drink, with gulaman, pearl jelly and diced jell-o was simply refreshing. I asked GF is there is a Mushroom Burger outlet in Manila, but apparently, I had to go to far-away QC where it is available. Oh well, seems I had to find a way to be in Tagaytay once again.

5 Replies to “‘shroooooomed with Mushroom Burger”

  1. Sorry ha but…whuuuttt???? I can’t believe you don’t know Mushroom Burger! hehe (I’m not being mean ha?) It’s just that I remember Mushroom Burger from my childhood because we’d always make sure to stop by when we go to Tagaytay. It’s been a while since I’ve been there though but….whaddayaknow! There’s already a branch in Katipunan! *evil laughter* Just a tricycle ride away / 15min. walk away from where I live! It’s right in between National Bookstore & Starbucks. You should check it out because they have more on the menu–rice meals & pancit etc. We always order the pancit canton with mushroom (no meat) & veggies for take out. =)

    1. hahaha! true fizzy. until last Saturday, I didnt even know that Mushroom Burger existed.
      I hate you 🙂 for being in Katipunan and being near one. Sarap talaga, first time ko kasi siya talaga natikman.
      Hehehe! Again, another thing to look forward to in Tagaytay 🙂

      1. Perhaps if you’re willing to trek over to my side of the world, I can arrange a lunch with Ava…there’s also lots of coffee places in Katipunan (yes! we have cbtl na rin!)…plus, did you know we also have a mom & tina’s, bon chon and fully booked? (ok, that last one wasn’t a food place, but still hehe)

      2. Sure! Let’s sked that! Truth is, I haven’t even experience that part of the world. Funny no? And I miss Ava! 🙂

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