Shoe in Love!

Remember when I was obsessed with my old Rockport lace-ups? My love for that particular pair was so intense that I went on and on on how comfortable and versatile it was. Unfortunately, that particular pair of shoes is just so comfy and nice that I continued to miss it even if I get to have an exquisite pair for free courtesy of the kind people at Rockport. Not that it wasn’t comfy. It is: clog-style boots, with distinct pattern and this kick-ass heels but somehow Chelsea (the new boots) didn’t manage to replace the same type of devotion that I had for Rockie (the old Rockport).

After Rockie, I managed to own a lot of other pairs: three more faux leather boots which I managed to rotate on a daily basis IN SPITE the strict office attire rule at the office. I also bought a 4-inch wedge heels that I always wore with cutesy socks. Lastly, I got these growing collection of brogues that I also wear for work.

But my current favorite (which I managed to wear with just about anything–the same way Rockie was) is a 2.5 inch wedge jelly baby doll shoes which I managed to snag from my mom.

my little wonder shoes

The funny thing is that this cute pair of baby doll shoes are not from some department store or high-end boutique. In fact, this was bought from Boardwalk, one of the country’s leading catalog-based business selling anything from shoes, clothes, underwear and even the occasional accessories. My mom works with people who try to earn extra cash on the side by selling goods by catalog and these pair of shoes were from that catalog-selling girls.

How do I love these cuties? I can’t even tell. I got countless of compliments because it was that cute. I wore it with my school girl skirt, with tights, dresses and even my jodhpurs. I wore it bare (and without socks) and even with knee-high socks. I wore it to work, during All Saints Day, to an effing wedding and even to lazy days malling with my husband.

looking like a kid (a happy one at least) with my gorgeous girls -- at Chapel on the Hill, Batangas

The whole shoe is made from a pre-molded plastic (jelly?) patterned into cute flowers. In spite of the fact that it is made of plastic, it was comfortable–something you can run in or really walk in. It just has the enough heel, tall enough so that I won’t look too small or flat. I love that it’s a wedge heel so I don’t have to run the risk of tripping, no thanks to clumsy, flat footed me.

I plan on buying another pair in case this one breaks on me. After all, I had to give up Rockie before cos he was so frayed and dirty and old and worn since I don’t have an extra pair. I am buying another one of this beauty so that I don’t have to part with her ever again.

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