The Beauty and Dirt of Watching Reality Shows

The problem with having a long weekend break (due to a Holiday) and having no money to burn for an out of town trip or at least to hie off to a place where I don’t have to be in close proximity of other human beings, especially from my own gene pool — is that I have spent the last three days stuck inside my bedroom watching one reality show after another (save from marathons of The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory).

You see, when I have to work, I don’t get to watch much TV — in fact, the most I can catch is the evening news and Pinoy Big Brother — our local version of the Big Brother franchise.

In the interest of full disclosure (HAH!)– my current commitment to watch that danged PBB is due to the inclusion of a haffu housemate, a half-Japanaese, half-Filipino cutie whose smile can make any hardened viewer coming back for more of his adorable face. (yeah, Seiichang Ushimi for the win!). Like the past PBB installments, the current one has a host of hotties, bombshells, annoying eff-tards and the occasional moron — something which I think the network showing it has perfected to a science. These so-called housemates will then go on to become semi-celebrities here in the Philippines, with only a fraction of them having actual careers while the rest become space-fillers for the network’s various shows.

Here in the Philippines, it’s all about hype. So when the puppeteers behind this very famous franchise decided to put in more housemates a week into the show and send Seiichang to the afternoon version of the show (considered the Siberia of Philippines’ ratings game and hence, I won’t be able to see it) I am ticked off. Can’t we leave a perfectly good show as it is and not confuse the audience? This is what being stuck with the remote and the boob tube for the last three days did to me, I am now particularly fiercely protective of the shows I watch.

In other news, I also got to catch up on Hell’s Kitchen 9 and Top Chef after a lot of replays of Masterchef US 2 (I get it, that girl Jennifer won–can we NOW move on with the programming? YEAH, I am also a big Christian fan. I love a good villain). Being stuck with the clicker has made me aware that yes, there is also a Top Chef Just Desserts where the contestant Zac is such a drama queen. But it’s okay, I love a good cooking show, I just want to steer clear of the various contestant dramas and the things that they should have told their various shrinks before they even went near that damned stove!

One person that I sincerely wish to dice and julienne is the loud mouth Elise from Hell’s Kitchen US 9. Her constant screaming and bitching was enough for me to consider having my ears checked cos her voice is just too painful, in spite the low volume.

But my greatest social discovery this long weekend (akin to the discovery of the Holy Sepulcher) is the pleasant abomination that is Jersey Shore. It’s like watching a really bad car crash but yet can’t effing look away. I have always wondered who the eff was Snookie, The Situation et al until I tuned in to the Velvet Channel and discover that they have a Jersey Shore marathon. I was like a moth being drawn to a very nasty flame. After five hours of seeing these people cuss, kiss, do the nasty, blab, laugh and curse each other, I have to pry myself to look away. After all, what can be more amusing than seeing Snookie have a go against the very muscl-y Ronnie (it was like seeing an oompa-loompa fight The Hulk). And besides, I keep on thinking how many cans of spray tan, gel and fake eyelashes and nails these people go through in a week.

Thankfully, the long weekend ends today so I have to rehab myself away from the TV. I also realized the reason why people find reality shows immensely interesting. Is it because we are all closet voyeurs who want people at their worst? See them do things that are immensely embarrassing, the same things that we do and hope someone doesn’t catch us?

I also realized that it’s easy to pass judgement on people when you see them do stupid or nasty things. It’s always different when it’s a not us who do shameful things. I guess that’s the beauty and dirt of seeing people at their best and worst.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    I made a mental note of telling you about Saechan in PBB…sorry, I forgot lang. So, what’s been happening to him inside the PBB house?

    I’m not much of a Jersey Shore watcher…not much of an MTV watcher…I used to watch MTV waaay back in the days when there were actual music videos being shown on the channel. In some ways I miss the 90s when I was so addicted to Alternative Nation & Headbanger’s Ball. hehe…I just wanted to say that when Big Bang attended the MTV EMAs, they were right behind Snooki in the red carpet…whuuuttt???? Needless to say I was quite disappointed. I would’ve wanted them to stand next to someone….more cooler.

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Waaaaaah!!! Fizzy, am such a Jap-magnet! Seiichang is my current source of happiness :))
      Big Bang deserved to stand behind someone that is not an ooompa-looooompa!

      Hahaha! I am curious on your new hair! Hey, post a pic!

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