Annus Horribilis, anyone?

No, I don’t have a horrible butt…(my junk in the trunk is actually doing well, thank you!)
What I am referring to is the horrible year that I am currently going through — I don’t know if there is a non-existent birth mark currently growing on my butt–but it seems that I have managed to achieve a new personal low when it comes to the general pathetic-ness of my current situation.

Oh where do I even begin? Life must be having a field day making me look like a total loser (cue “L” symbol on my forehead here).

I started January being gainfully employed by the job of my dreams, a stint at “THE PR FIRM” which I have been eyeing since I was fresh out of university. I was too smug knowing I work for the grand old man of PR until I have been unmercifully transformed into the office whipping girl. This in spite the fact that I worked my ass of, going home when all the Metro trains has stopped running and that I have been subjected to malicious insinuations that I didn’t know how to write at all…”if I was even a true reporter back in the day”. After four months of being subjected to emotional abuse, thanks to the machinations of Senator Palpatine and his number one crony, Jabba The Hut, I finally had the courage to tender my resignation and risk a life of joblessness right at the middle of the year.

Good thing I was employed by my current company–the only ray of sunshine in my otherwise miserable year. Right now, I am battling an empty wallet, a 3-page of pending stuff to do at work, sickness (my tooth and the hubby’s stomach, bills and all the things that usually make life unbearable for any human being.

Truth is, I can’t wait for this effing year to end and for 2012 to just start already. I wanted to make a fresh start and make right all the wrong things I’ve done at the start of the year. There are days when I just wanted to pull day and make them go faster. I don’t wanna lose hope cos I know that there are things in this world that calls for our patience. So I am taking my time and being comforted by the belief that all things happen in His time.

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