Ripped on Trip Advisor

Someone hates me…I think.

You see I wrote a review about a recent strategic planning held in a hotel located in the hills of Antipolo. The review was far from stellar and is distinctly based on the experiences we were subjected to during the overnight stay.

Like the many hotels I stayed in, I make it a point to write my observations about the place at Trip Advisor. Being the seasoned budget traveler that I am–Trip Advisor has saved me from staying in miserable hotels countless of times. In a hindsight, I was just paying it forward.

So anyway, the hotel we stayed in was not my choice, in fact I was just an addition to the group of senior executives who will be having their planning. To put it bluntly, I was the junior exec assigned to baby sit the corporate big guns. Baby sitting the group would have been easy if not for the misery we were subjected in–where do I even begin?

The disappointing rooms? The meal that was far from satiating? Anyway, I wrote all my observations, then promptly forgot about it.

Until today when Mr. Wayne’s EA called me to inform me that the “hotel people” were calling her repeatedly to inquire about my review. Apparently, one of the company’s big cheeses has read my less than glowing reviews and went ballistic. They have been trying to get my contact details for the last three days.

Anyway, I’ve just been notified by email that there was already a response from the “hotel representative”. Upon opening my Trip Advisor message center, I can immediately sense that the writer, “Maicy G” is scathing mad. Her email was threatening and sarcastic, pointing out that the booking was “very last minute” and that we paid a measly “USD57” for a stay that included an overnight stay and three square meals. She then proceeded to attack me that my recommendation to future clients to “book their events elsewhere” is killing their business and that “I am slowly wringing the neck of their workers because of a very bad review”.

The funny thing is that out of the five reviews that they have (including mine) — the other three mentioned the exact thing: TVs that do not work, water heater that is busted, the area that is not well maintained — yet, the company representative is livid of MY review.

I think that if your hotel is being slammed consecutively by 4 different people, you have to start working to fix the problems. By giving these comments, we want them to be inspired to improve. Running a hospitality business is a serious matter and quality should NEVER, EVER be sacrificed. But if you ask me if sending a frosty email to one of your clients is one way to counter the negative publicity, then we have a problem.

I have been very objective of my reviews, especially since I do not have anything to gain by posting either a negative or positive review. At the end of the day, YOUR customers deserve to hear the TRUTH, if you have a problem with negative comments, then start changing for the better.

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