Cos I am such a freaking girly-girl…and I can kick your ass!

blessings from Nihon

I was blessed with two new fashion magazines courtesy of a good, good friend. I love the fact that I am again up to date on the latest fashion in Japan.

I love my new CanCam and Vivi–most especially Vivi which has better styling and fashion lay-outs this month compared to CanCam. I don’t know about December though 😦 Vivi’s November issue highlighted a lot of tulle skirts, detachable collar and other neck accessories, coats, boots and underground punk. While CanCam has more of the skirt-blouse/cardigan/coat-pumps combo that is omnipresent in all CanCam issues.

I wore something like this earlier:

inspirations from

Quite honestly, I had a great time hearing people talk my clothes. I wish I can tell them that, contrary to what they may believe, the clothes I wore were not expensive and in fact, some were cast-offs from the neighborhood thrift shop!

I am pretty loving my new company, mainly because I get to wear what I want (as long as its within bounds of the corporate by-laws and standards) and even flaunt my blond hair for effect!I am planning to have them fixed within the week and finally have the color that I want — maybe a bit of ash blond or yellowish blond and not the usual yellowish-orangey hair that I currently sport.

And since I nurtured the girly in me, I had to appeal to my closeted nerd:

I finally signed on the notice sheet for three new titles from DC’s New 52s! I currently read Action Comics, Superman and Detective Comics, but my boss (Mr. Wayne himself) is strongly recommending that I give Avengers and Green Lantern a try.

It’s kinda funny being able to cater to my two persona: the girly-girl fashion fiend and then the dork who loves to read comic books at 30.

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