The curse of the mall sales

I will never go (or even be in the immediate) vicinity of a freaking mall sale–EVER in my life. Take stock of that claim because I intend to honor it.

I had to meet my best friend and our best guy friend from college yesterday. The reason for the meeting was two things: a) best guy friend is getting married and we are meeting his fiance for the very first time and b) I had to get some things from my best friend who currently runs an online shop selling various Sanrio characters.

Anyway, the venue for the meeting is SM Megamall…SM freaking Megamall, one of the biggest places to waste your precious money on and ALSO the venue for the biggest sale held on the 14th, 15th and 16th of October. The meet-up was doomed from the very start.

I never knew whether to laugh or cry when after going past the guards who must had a field day feeling people up (their so-called “security measures”), I saw this sea of people heading to the mall escalators.There was just so many of them, breathing good air has become impossible. In just two hours inside that freaking mall, I have developed the worst migraine possible. This migraine left me incapacitated until now.

I don’t get why people flock to mall sales like moths on an open flame. All the goods sold are actually old stocks. If you want to buy clothes, you are buying designs from two to three seasons back. The customer service is freaking atrocious and even non-existent since the sales staff is catering to the whole population of Metro Manila. And it is almost impossible to eat food since the lines are also long and most tables are occupied.

That will be the last time I will ever set foot in a mall holding its “grand sale” -even if I am offered free shopping, it’s not just worth the hassle and the health risk!

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