Saying thank you for the things that matter

I have been pretty blessed — but there are instances where I rather see the negative than the many good things happening around me. I had a superb weekend, spent time paying bills thus blowing my whole month’s pay in two hours. It’s a sad reality but they always say that bills are as constant as life.

Weekend started in a pretty good note, got this courtesy of the office big boss:

Superman #1 (DC Re-Imagining)

The kaisha big cheese, let’s call him Bruce Wayne (he is terminally obsessed with the Caped Crusader) has given me the first issue of Superman 1 (The DC Reimagining). You can just imagine that it took me all I got just not to: a) scream b) shower him with unwanted kisses due to the gratitude and nothing else and c) scare him off by profusely offering my gratitude and looking like a complete dork. Bruce Wayne are both comics aficionado though we tend to bat (no pun intended) on two separate end of the spectrum: I am a die-hard Superman fan and he swears allegiance to Batman.

While Bruce Wayne likes comics, he is a very no-nonsense, very efficient COO. He has a way of mobilizing people and getting things done. I guess that’s the dynamism that a young head honcho can bring to the table.

Anyway, moving forward — weekend was well, an utter monotony where I managed to past time listening (and counting) the clock’s constant ticking.

Monday came and I was notified by my boss who is looking awfully sweet today due to the dress combo that I am due for regularization in two or three weeks time. Hence, I am now in the mercy of the evaluation for regularization of employees. Yey me 😦

While I am a (bit) confident of my performance thus far–hello, overtime work! — I now that my four month stay in the kaisha is not perfect. I tend to be lax on my grammar usage and I tend to forget a few projects just because there’s just so many of them. But I am doing my best and God knows I am really, really trying.

I reviewed my list of to do’s and I almost passed out when I realized that I have 3-effing-pages of various tasks on varying shades of completion. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Bar none, I am SupereffingWoman!


At the office earlier, I had the misfortune of being close hearing range while another boss went all drama queen on her poor, hapless secretary. She was screaming non-stop for close to two effing hours and I was starting to palpitate cos I was just too scared. Hell, I was more scared than the poor secretary who was rushing to and fro just to pacify the angry boss. It’s the exact moment that I realized that I had residue phobia from the time I was working under a wicked, dried up crone three years back.

I had so much in my plate right now and I kinda now that they are not going away. I refuse to be defeated by obstacles. I can make it pass this. I am a strong woman.

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