Me, today – 06 October 2011

my favorite brooch, my latest ring and the BEST companion EVER for my daily commute

Today (05 October 2011 in the US), the world has lost one of its greatest visionary, Steve Jobs. I only own one Apple product, an iPod (I can’t afford a mac or an iPhone) but that pink little thing containing about 1,000 songs has been with me in all my travels, late night cramming sessions for my work to-dos, “do-not-bother-me-I-am-busy” moments at work as well as my savior for my daily commute (encompassing 4 jobs already!). Do you know how bad muzak is in the Philippines, not counting commuters who have a propensity to sing while inside a moving vehicle.

I do not own a lot of Apple products, and more importantly, I am very far from a Steve Jobs fan or Apple fan girl — but the only Apple product that I own has become an extension of my life. A definition of who I am. If a stranger were to get hold of my iPod and put it to shuffle, he will hear JPop, praise, RnB, mainstream, OPM, rock, heavy metal and even the occasional love song (and immediately conclude that the person who owned the iPeeeeeeenk–that’s my iPod’s name, by the way—has split personality disorder).

I do know that Mr. Jobs is a visionary, a person who only comes once in a thousand years or so. He is often dubbed as like Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison rolled into one. He is a genius who knows the needs of his customers and even transform wants to necessities.

Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.


The people at work asked if I was wearing what I was wearing because of the passing of Mr. Jobs. I told them not really — it’s just what I want. I am just listening to my intuition:

Black chiffon dress – PHP50 (thrifted)
Satchel – PHP450 (168 Mall)
Vinyl Maryjane Wedges – a gift from mom
Also wearing a PHP50 ring and a PHP80 brooch from The Landmark

* the day would have been the same, except I was given the chance to see people sinking to professional levels so low you wouldn’t think it exist.

a bit disappointing really especially when earlier, you’ve read about how one man overcame a not so good beginning and went on to become one of the best innovators of the world at the age of 20– but in your world, you have to deal with people so petty and unprofessional it depresses the hell out of you.

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  1. Cecile says:

    WINNER! 🙂

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