In my dreams, I am your Lois Lane

My pseudo-self portrait

Had a rare chance of sketching again. Got inspired after seeing this amazing art in one of the Lois Lane tribute sites that I always frequent.

I’ve always identified with Lois: slightly-neurotic, pushy, dangerously curious, harsh but always with good intentions in her heart. I grew up in love with Clark Kent and thinking that I am like Lois Lane. I AM LOIS LANE. (i wish! i wish!)

I wish I had her balls to battle authority — but I am not exactly a Pulitzer-winning journalist, am I? So while I try to build my corporate cred and earn my right to stay longer in the company, I remain as meek as Clark Kent.

I miss sketching — maybe I should stay away from the laptop and spend more time with my drawing pens.

“If I could have just chosen my parents like dishes on a chinese menu, don’t you think I would have picked someone a little less neurotic? Nobody gets to choose their parents, Smallville. We all fall from the stars… into the arms of strangers…” — Lois Lane

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