Me, today – 28th September 2011

Here’s me, after the great storm that was “Pedring”

Wednesday work attire

Was trying to keep it preppy and still office appropriate. After all, I work for someone whose SOLE definition of office attire is a pair of slacks, collared blouse, coupled with blazer and black pumps. This incessant push for me to conform is annoying me to pieces. I’d rather have all my teeth pulled out without anesthesia than be part of the herd of slacks-wearing, long-sleeved blouse-pushing mass of office drones.


Coat – thrifted; PHP100
Dress – thrifted; PHP85
Necklace – Divisoria (tiange) find; PHP150
Black tights – Landmark, PHP199
Shoes – Clarke’s; gift from my mum-in-law (from the UK)

i have the hands of a freaking seven year old!
new rings!

Accessorized using my new rings, bought for just a hundred bucks for 3 pieces already. These same kind of rings retail for about PHP75 to PHP100 A PIECE on department stores.

Plus — I have a new addition to my collection of satchels:

a gift from my number one enabler

While I truly, truly love wearing tights under dresses and skirts–I have to admit that they’re just effing uncomfortable for my poor ass! I don’t know if its because I have a butt as big as one of Jupiter’s moons or because the effing tights is well, kind’a tight for my behind.

I always say this: it’s hell being fashionable and trying to dress well. It’s either you risk your feet hurting due to killer eff me shoes or an uncomfortable feeling down your lower body cos you are swathed with thick panty hose. Guys never suffer for shit such as this.

Who am I kidding? I maybe complaining but I swear to God, I’d be doing the same old shit and wearing the same old thing over and over again.

“Me, Today” is my latest effort in keeping tab of my everyday existence and the many things–happy, sad, moronic, annoying, uplifting, inspiring and worth killing people over–that I encounter in each and everyday of my melodramatic existence. Hopefully, I get to write a lot of positive stuff, not just my constant whining which is the usual tone I adapt in this blog:

The Dish:
1.It’s always good to be nice and friendly to others cos you won’t know when they will save your ass from doing crummy work — I almost got asked to scout for “market prices” without my knowledge. Good thing someone stood up for me. The Lord really does look out for His freaks.

2.Pinoys never learn — seen at a local TV station reporting on the havoc caused by the typhoon “Pedring” – an old woman wails in front of the TV camera, mourning for the house they have lost. She lives right beside the ocean, in a make-shift shanty made of cardboard and steel and iron sheets. The typhoon had washed away her home (built illegally obviously over the waters) and its place now lay a mountain of garbage (obviously caused by the same community that made the sea side their home). She wails on national TV, “I pray that we may be able to rebuild our home on the same place where it used to stood” Yes, you may now call me a heartless bitch, but I kept saying to myself that they shouldn’t be living there in the first place, illegally squatting of a place that is not apt for a community.

3. In relation to number 2 — all these garbage that “Pedring” has brought upon us is also due to our callous indifference. We are revisited by the junk we have discarded in the past.

4. I realized earlier that I have low tolerance for managers who love to micro-manage.

5. And lastly, it’s always good to watch your back.

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