Happy Everyday with Happy Lemon!

I told you about my recent obsession with milk tea and how it has replaced coke as the center of my being.

Well, the famous Happy Lemon from HK is now in Manila.I used to have this after a long and tiring walk and I keep asking myself why it wasn’t available in Manila.

Well, guess what I saw while walking towards National Bookstore Rockwell last Friday:

happy indeed!

Happy Lemon serves some of the best milk teas and chilled beverage. Their top seller, aside from the many variants of milk tea is the beverage served with rock salt and cheese.

The servers were fast and efficient in dishing out the drinks, and while we have to wait for our drinks (there was a long line) — the wait did not take a long time. After paying, we were handed our change, a raffle stub to join their promo for a chance to win a trip to HK Ocean Park and this thingy which will vibrate as soon as your drinks are ready:

ChaTime, also my favorite, has this too:

waiting for my red bean smoothie with pearl at Cha Time Landmark

Anyway, the wait would have been boring until this girl (made up from head to toe, with an accent that exudes that she is rich and fashionable) started ranting on the servers that she was given a very sweet drink when she specifically stated that she wanted it sugar-free. She then started bitching about how the cashier told her the wrong information which might affect her health. She was ranting in accented, twanged English highlighted with a few grammar lapses here and there.

Anyway, the thingy vibrated and we finally had this:

Left: Green tea with cheese and rock salt; Right: Roasted rice milk tea with adzuki and extra pearl

It was just so yummy. The flavor of the milk tea was distinct, mixed well with the adzuki and pearl. The green tea meanwhile, is a bit strong, complimented well by cheese and rock salt. I was not happy with the size of the pearl though–since it was too small compared to pearl from the other brands.

Anyway, Happy Lemon had this spot-on:

Read: Happy Lemon Official Site

One Reply to “Happy Everyday with Happy Lemon!”

  1. In katipunan there’s Moonleaf…yummy too. I’ll try this one when I get the chance to go back to Rockwell. =)

    If you want hot milk tea, you can try Lipton Milk Tea. Pretty good too.

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