I was in Fully Booked the other day, buying some art materials and basically trying to lose steam. While flipping through the different shelves, looking for an Anthony Bourdain book, when I spied upon this really amazing-looking guy silently browsing on the musical biographies area–wearing a black fitted jacket, a white shirt, shades and black boots, he looks more like a rock star than a normal bookstore patron.

Then I made a double take (without looking like too obvious) — it IS indeed a rock star, one of the best music icons in fact of my generation and the one who penned some of the most enduring Pinoy pop-rock music ever. He was silently browsing through the aisles looking nonchalant.

IT IS HIM! The inner fan escaped from all my nouveau riche pretenses as I planned on assaulting him pen and notebook in tow to ask for his signature and maybe a picture with him — after all, it is not every day that you get to encounter heroes from your youth.

After I sent the hubby back on a covert mission to verify for the third time if indeed it is who I think it is (and getting the confirmation that yes, it is HIM), I started my assault — that is until I rounded the corner and caught a glimpse again of the guy…

The aisle was empty except for him, checking out the books. Suddenly, I got ashamed of what I was planning to do, took a U-turn and let the guy have a peaceful Friday night choosing his books.

Why did I change my mind, you say? Maybe it’s because seeing the guy having a peaceful, normal Friday made me realize that artists–no matter how famous they maybe or how rich or freaking genius they are– are also human beings whose privacy must be respected. They deserve to enjoy a night or maybe even a trip to the bookstore minus a screaming, fawning, autograph-seeking, picture-taking fan. I’ve seen articles before how the guy valued his privacy and I was certain that what I was planning that time is an intrusion and assault to the very thing that he holds dear. The fact that I plan to do it inside a bookstore located in a upscale mall adds insult to injury.

And so, I let him be. Yes, it’s not everyday that you get to see or meet the heroes of your youth. But is also not every day that you get to display the rare humanity of seeing beyond fame, or fandom at least.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Was it Ely? I used to have an officemate who liked Buddy and had the thrill of her life when she realized they were riding the same jeep in makati. Si Ava naman had an encounter with Markus in UP…and he remembered her when they saw each other again after some time.

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