Maths + Kamikazee Girl = Nosebleed

Earlier, during an important budget deliberation for departmental budget assignment for 2012, The SVP for Finance was explaining in depth details of next year’s budget.

courtesy of stock photo

The SVP was explaining CAPEX, OPEX, budget allotment, computations — and it all sounded foreign to me. I can literally feel my mouth hanging open.

This is how I LITERALLY looked like:

pic not mine

I don’t know what’s up with me and maths — we’re as close as the North Pole and the South Pole. I was thinking that when God gave the gift of numbers, I was at the back, drooling while sleeping.

I wish I making this up on how handicapped I am when it comes to numbers — but this is for real. In secondary school, in spite the fact that I belong on the school’s top ten students — I almost flunked 4th year cos I was failing Calculus (to think that it is a GRAVE SIN to get a grade below 84 here at home– and I was bringing home 75s, 76s and 74s during my year’s worth of calculus).

I was supposed to graduate Cum Laude during university but was denied the honor after it was discovered that I almost failed my basic algebra during my first year.

Now that I am in my 30s, I am not ashamed that an 11-year old snot-nosed brat can easily trump my ass when it comes to elementary algebra.


Once I start having kids of my own, I will enroll them with a math and science tutor. Their mom will write all their term papers and teach them english and grammar, but when it comes to numbers — they are on their own.

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