A chance discovery at Bellini’s

If there’s one Filipino movie that I seriously, seriously love (quite a big feat considering I am not too keen on Pinoy movies), that would be “One More Chance” starring two of the Philippines’ biggest stars, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

“One More Chance” tells the story of a long-time couple who broke up and decided to part ways only to be drawn together once again. Here are some of the lines from the movie:

The scene shown in the first minutes of the clip was shot in Bellini’s, this quaint Italian restaurant located in Cubao Expo (the former Marikina Shoe Expo). The restaurant served as the hang-out of Popoy and Basha’s barkada (group of friends) where they usually catch up and dish on the latest barkada dramas. This is also the scene of the iconic line about the “3 month rule” on breaking up.

Call it serendipitous but I found myself right in front of Cubao Expo earlier, after picking tons of stuff for a company-sponsored event on Sunday. I was with A, partner in crime extraordinaire and my chauffeur for the evening, when we decided to check out the place. Then we saw Bellini’s.

Then I started spewing lines from the movie. Kulang na lang si Popoy and Basha!

Bellini’s is a restaurant that offers you little pleasant surprises. A and I ordered Foccacia bread to start the evening, a Italian sausage and tomato pasta paired with onion and mozzarella cheese pizza. For the love of God, do not ask me the Italian name cos I already forgot about it.

Anyway, this is the first thing that you will see upon entering the door:

the place where Popoy and Basha's barkada used to sit in Bellini's
the breadsticks are to die for!
the foccacia bread is warm and soft

Yes,I am one of those persons who can’t start eating unless she takes a ton of pictures (of food and people). But since A and I were both starving most of the pictures here show food with a missing slice or two. haha! 🙂

the pasta
a taste of the sweet house wine at Bellini's (home-made by Mr. Roberto Bellini)

Before we left, the kind waiter informed us that he will let us taste their house wine, especially made by the proprietor, Mr. Roberto Bellini. Mr. Bellini is a very nice and charming man. Did you know that he used to be a paparazzo before he met his Filipina wife Ma. Luisa? Their names were even painted on the wall of the restaurant. In fact, the whole resto is painted with charming murals giving it a more quaint vibe and cozy atmosphere.

a cute pepper and salt dispenser
murals! even on the ceiling!

Guys, if you want the girl of your dreams to take notice of you–bring her here at let Mr. Bellini charm the socks off of her, and ask him to pitch in a glowing recognition of you. The sweet and charming atmosphere will definitely make her succumb to your charms.

Bellini's -- a Cubao institution since the late 90s!

Oooops, don’t let the old facade fool you, inside is millions of light years away from the noise, chaos and grime of Cubao.

Damage to your wallet:
Bring PHP1,000 to be safe.
Don’t worry, it’s worth it!

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