I am now a health buff… riiiiiiiiiight.

Because I have been told that I had to shed layers and layers of fat if I have plans to procreate, I am now more determined than ever to revert to my previous size….or at least, get rid of this annoying pouch of fat that I have been carrying in my belly for the last five years.

Erm, since I got married in 2008, I had the misfortune of being asked WHEN I am getting pregnant, as if creating a baby is something which you can schedule in between your dentist appointment and management committee presentation. (I can imagine me calling my poor hubby — “Hey babe, got a 30 minutes window for you, can you swing by the office…? — ala Lily and Marshall on HIMYM) At first, I was polite but after six months and people keep asking me for a baby, as if I am a lean, mean baby-making machine, the claws started coming out.

Anyway, as I was saying, I really wanted a child of my own and the fact that I had a lot of clothes that I wanted to wear (but wouldn’t fit) have pushed me to join the company’s “Runner’s Club”. The point being, exercising with a group will compel me to be less of a sloth and be more serious with my exercising. Anyway, the Runner’s Club convenes every Friday and is being led by the self-appointed running guru of the Kaisha.

picture not mine

The running began with a silly round of warm up exercises that elicited more giggling than what was expected. People found it funny and childish but still we wiggled our butt, our feet and quite immediately, I feel sweat running through my forehead. Then the running guru asked us to line up (by 2s) then started running. The wimp that I am, I was able to run for just 5 minutes then started walking. I can feel my knees cursing me in all languages possible. I
can also feel my belly pouch jiggling. MISERABLE FAIL ON BODY ISSUES.

I spent 20 minutes with that silly, pathetic pattern — running for 3 minutes, walking for five, and oh — stopping to catch my breath for a minute or two. I keep hoping that maybe I managed to purge my body of an iota of fat due to that sacrifice, but I don’t have any weighing scale and I am afraid to look.

Fast forward to Saturday (yesterday), I woke up with high fever, a runny nose and a body that ached in places I never knew existed. I am a pathetic little girl I tell you — and my body is the worst lazy-ass of all.

One Reply to “I am now a health buff… riiiiiiiiiight.”

  1. I know that drawing!!! That’s from The Far Side…which I looooove!!!

    I feel you too sister! Kami naman may badminton uli sa office…but the part I hate lang is diba extra curricular acitivity nga sabay kelangan mandatory. Wala mang lang tanong tanong kung may iba kang inaasikaso after office–e pano kung meron? Ah basta hindi. I hate being forced into it. At least your group may freedom ka to come and go as your please.

    But kaya mo yan kapatid! Fighting! =)

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