Did you accidentally popped your cherry?

NOTE: The succeeding post may not be suitable to minor or prudes. Please do not continue reading if you blush upon hearing the word, “vajayjay”

…and wants to have the V back?
Cos damn, I got the solution if you suddenly lost your virginity…maybe in the back of a car, on your dorm’s shared couch or God-forbid, in a sleazy motel room where you had to hide your face each time you enter and exit the premises.

(Why the need to hide your face? Because I actually knew someone who went to have a “three-hour sexy time” in the old Wise Motel in Sta. Mesa in front of PUP and STUPIDLY WALKED OUT of the PREMISES the exact moment her dad’s jeep was stuck in traffic on the same spot as the motel exit. To say that the girl got busted is an understatement. This is a true story, I kid you not)

Anyway, the reason why I was asking if you are interested to restore that thing is because of this product I saw at Watsons, SM Makati:

we restore busted "Vs"!

I was minding my own business, rifling through the numerous beauty products when I came across this product. The soap claims to rid “the woman’s sensitive area of smell and any bacteria, plus it also tightens vaginal muscles”.

for only PHP109, you'll be good as new

…W T F?

I can just imagine a panic-stricken 16 year old reaching for the soap in hopes of getting rid of the regretful night she had with the boy next door.

With all due respect to the manufacturer, but is there a market for this product? Who wants to tighten their v muscles anyway? And how do they do that?

Imagine the possibilities of producing an ad copy for this soap. It’ll be priceless. “We restore broken hymens…”

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