When all things go haywire, you go blond —

hair inspiration

When things go shitty, women automatically turn to their hair to remedy the problem. I don’t know what it is with us women and our penchant for hacking off, coloring and at times butchering our tresses when things go haywire. I know not a few women who, after a really bad break-up, went from long-haired virgins to shorned startlets in just a matter of days.

In my case, my full head of blonde (unruly) had started to show its roots. While I really couldn’t care less (on normal circumstances) I am trying to project a more clean-cut image and a full head of hair with three colors (black, white and blonde) is not exactly a refreshing sight. Anyway, I hope to have it fixed this weekend. Hopefully, I will finally look more human than usual.

What do you think? I am more partial to Anna Tsuchiya’s (upper right) but with the shade of Ayumi Hamasaki’s (lower right).

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