Showing my support for Rockwell’s LOVE JAPAN

Rockwell recently held a fundraising event for the benefit of rebuilding efforts in Japan. Based on a statement provided by Rockwell to the media, this is their way of giving back and showing support to our Japanese brothers and sisters whose lives continue to be affected by the March 2011 tsunami that hit Japan.

It is also interesting to note that a lot of Japanese citizens have considered Rockwell their home here in the Philippines. Well, one clear example is my shacho at the beauty kaisha where I used to work a year ago.

I decided to drop by and check out the goods for sale on the second day of the exhibit. The apparel for sale is not something to be excited about. I was with the impression that they’d be “Japanese street” style or Japanese labels will be sold at the Power Plant tent but all I got was the usual high-end “tiangge-style” clothes usually seen on Greenhills. One notable exception are the exquisite kimonos and Japanese slippers being sold on the spot. I didn’t buy it though cos I am having problems convincing myself to part with more than a thousand bucks of my money just for authentic Japanese slippers that i won’t get to wear much.

There were also numerous food booths selling a lot of things, and that is where the Hubby and I decided to concentrate. I stuffed myself with mochi and milk tea (my new obsession) and sampled the other snacks on sale.

Being the hopeless cam-whore that I am, I camwhored the whole time I was there for the event. I visited the exhibition of origami and ikebana at the first floor of the Rockwell near Zara. I was so sure that the hubby was ready to deny that he knows me.

Kokeshi Dolls
a doll that I wish to have this Christmas

I kept asking myself if I would have helped Japan at all–seeing I didn’t bought anything at the bazaar nor even participated in the auction (dream on, me!) but the Hubby said that the fact that I purchased a ticket (worth PHP50) to enter the event area means I have done my share for my most beloved country.

I seriously wish that the organizers were able to raise a significant amount for Japan. It’s about time that the Land of the Rising Sun exudes its glory once again.

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