It’s the end of my world as we know it :(

I’ve said before that i will only miss Incubus’ concert if its a) the end of the world; b) that I am as cold and lifeless as a corpse and c) if I am 9 months pregnant and about to deliver a child into the world.

Well, guess what — it’s the end of the world. My world, to be exact.

The concert is tomorrow evening, Brandon and the boys have arrived earlier at 830PM while I have spent the greater part of this day being a corporate drone. Tomorrow, while the rest of Manila is lining up at Araneta Coliseum, giddy with glee and happiness–I will be presenting to the bosses some of my plans for the Corp Comm side of the company.

Am I complaining? No–everyone has to earn a living. But am I disappointed–VERY MUCH. I have seen all of the Incubus performance in Manila and I make sure to watch all their concerts live–but no thanks to my lousy schedule, I seriously, seriously cant this time.

A part of me feels that a version of me just died and replaced with someone more of a corporate drone. If this is what it means to grow up, then zap me back into 2004 and I’d gladly take my moshpit any time.

A part of me wishes to believe that this is what it means to grow up, to have a job, a family, insurance and health care plan. I tell myself that “Brandon will understand” but I myself find it hard to process that I will not be among the thousands of people who will get to experience my favorite band live once again.

The sad truth is that my only wish right now is to go back to the time when I was 21 years old: dirty, trippy, yet truly, truly happy 🙂

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    It really makes me sad when I have friends who I know are fans who will not be able to make it tonight one way or the other. Remember my officemate who has parental issues with the band’s name? I have another ex officemate who works the night shift whose vl was denied. And you!!! Personally, it’s so wrong. This should not be happening. Argh, the universe can be cruel sometimes.

    Will surely miss you tonight.

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      I still get sad pag naalala ko that I didn’t get to go
      Tsk… REAL life sucks! 😦

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