Universal Studios Singapore: Where the sissies come to die

My three loyal readers might have noticed the absence of the usual drawl of your spoiled rotten KamikazeeGirl. I think I might have mentioned that I had a short vacay at the land of the Hainanese Chicken Rice and clean pavements, lah. As usual, I don’t wanna leave for good old dirty, exciting Manila after the sojourn. I wanna stay there and prolly look for a job, after all: there was a Filipino in every nook and cranny of the Little Red Dot. If only I knew people who’d be willing to adopt me until my visa expires — but no, apparently I don’t have any close friends who are working now in SG and the people I know who are currently there are not really people who I grew up with so it will be quite embarrassing to inconvenience them.

Anyway, day 2 was reserved to the usual tourist mecca of Sentosa Island, in exact: The Universal Studios Singapore. There were tons of people and well, truth be told: I was in awe as soon as I saw that giant globe with the omni-present Universal Studios logo attached to it. I was amazed on how pretty that thing is, and was really excited to see what is inside.

Take note, of all the days we were there: good old weather decided not to cooperate the day we were going to USS. It was raining like hell and people were touting rain coats and umbrella. The hubby, the two sibs and I were winging it cos we were tough like that 🙂


The place was simply too magical for words! (no offense meant, Disney) — it is small by usual park standards but packs a punch when it comes to the different attractions. The park talents are always in character (and yes, I am talking about you Ihmotep, you scared the shit out of me) and the park staff are welcoming and helpful in every way.

That is why when the time comes for us to try the rides, the hubby and I had to beg off from trying all the scary shit: in exact, the Human Cyclone Battlestar Galactica and the Mummy Returns. We left the adrenaline shot to the adrenaline junkies and toughies in our little group, i.e. the baby bro and the Queen of all Cats. We had no delusions of dying an early death due to extreme fright from riding all the scary rides out there.

Battlestar Galactica, my personal Mt. Doom

So, you ask, what did you effing do while inside one of the most amazing places in the planet? Well, the Hubby and I did try the really dorky rides–the kind that is good for kids with their helpless parents in tow. Then, we sampled the food, balked on how freaking exoensive they are yet continued sampling them anyway. Then we took pictures, tons of them, and thoroughly had an amazing time.

the perfect ride for sissies like you and me

I didn’t know when I started having an aversion to death-defying, adrenaline-pumping parks attractions. When I was still barely out of university, young and in-like with this bad ass who was also a mommy’s boy, I rode in this ferris-wheel like thing that hurtles you in space in neck breaking speed, and survived to tell the tale. Am I getting old and being too safe?

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