Kaiten-zushi Battle Royale: KamikazeeGirl vs. The-Hubby

Anyway, in the middle of resuming my former life as a CorpComm executive, I conducted media rounds for some of my friends from the media taking office in Port Area. It was a tiring thing to do, but very essential in maintaining contacts and goodwill from the local press.

Since the Hubby accompanied me to Port Area (thank God!), we decided to eventually have lunch at Robinsons Place Mall–we were thinking burgers and pasta, or a generous mixture of rice, viand, pasta and dessert. Then, we saw it: a kaiten-zusshi restaurant that wasn’t there before — I really need visit Robinsons more often. For he uninitiated, Kaiten-suzhi is something you have to be really famished for — rows and rows of sweet rice and fish, tamago or crab sticks were being served for the taking.

Sakae Sushi is a conveyor-style sushi bar where customers have the option to pay for an “eat all you CAN” meal (for only PHP399 per pax) or just ala carte order. Of course, we went for the eat all you can option where we gorged on food and just hung out. The PHP399 price tag already comes with a drink all you can green tea (a nice complement to all the sushi porn), plus miso soup to clear the palate.

the prices are posted so that you don't have to ask

While eating, the hubby and I had the brilliant plan to battle on who can eat the most sushi. Of course, I wouldn’t want to lose right?

starting score: 4-2 in favor of the Hubby. No sweat, I can still catch up!
rollin with my homies
...proof that I am losing.

Well, guess who got an ass-whooping? Yours truly, courtesy of the hubby who has 13 plates of sushi. While dorky little me only ate about eight pieces–and in fact almost threw up cos of too much food i ate. That’s already too much food. If only I will go back to my original size then d@mn it, I swear to God, I’d finish off the whole line doing their tiny parade on the conveyor belt — LOL.

The Hubby and I were thinking that maybe we can stay there till dinner and have a battle plan for the sushi (and cold green tea) all you can: eat a bit, rest, talk, take piccies, eat, talk and so on and so forth. But then, we really have to go home at 730 due to some things I need to do for work.

In the end, the Hubby might have kicked my ass but his eating prowess was no match for the Kor guy behind him. To prove that this guy (whoever he is) is the real sushi master, we took photos of the damage he inflicted on the resto:

WHOA! all that for just PHP399!

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