Schu Shangri-La crazy shoe sale!

…now try saying that five times.

Crazy because that’s exactly how you will be once you see the wide array of shoes all going for just PHP799 or less!

This is how the story goes. I am SUPPOSED to go home, after an early dinner with The Dead Poets Society (aka The Bad Seeds of The Firm). We were celebrating the fact that “innocent A” has been offered a job by my new company, and commiserating with her for the last day drama shebang she had with Ms. One-Seat-Apart. Anyway, bitchy C, pa-goody two shoes J (aka Bimby) and innocent A were acting like their wastoid self when we decided to call it an early night and go home. Besides, I was playing the kind chaperone to innocent A who had two bottles of Tanduay Ice (I was being responsible as I was not drinking like the usual).

Innocent A and I were taking the MRT and was SUPPOSED to be heading straight to train station. But oh no — my big, dark brown wandering eye caught this sign “PHP799 on all shoes in Schu. Moving out sale!”.

Let’s just say, I was at Schu faster than you can say “broke as hell”.

And the result, my friends, are the sweetest and sickest brogues in the planet (for now at least — that is until my next brogues/oxfords purchase)

a girl can never have too many shoes, especially if they were oxfords

But before I had “oxie” (you do know I had a habit of naming inanimate objects):

I had to try on a lot of shoes -- after all, they were going for P799!
...until I narrowed the choice down to two

The people who know me would know that I would prolly choose the boots rather than “oxie”, I’ve been salivating for that particular pair ever since I first saw them way back in February. But no, Innocent A said– you won’t be able to use them as much as you would like. Remember, office attire?”

So I ended up getting the oxfords and being a responsible person. hehehe! 🙂

I love how Schu packages its shoe boxes:

..and inside was the sweetest thing ever:

I really don’t wanna tell you this, cos I have plans of returning for the boots, but there’s enough shoes at Schu for everyone:

Sale is until 31 July 2011 or until supplies last. 🙂

3 Replies to “Schu Shangri-La crazy shoe sale!”

    1. Hi Erin! Thank you for visiting.
      The sale is just in their Shangri-la branch cos they’re moving out of Shang na…
      Where? I have no idea 🙂

      But think of all the shoes!!!! I am salivating thinking of all the wicked boots left there!

      1. I like to look at the boots too. Wow! it’s a good thing I work near Shang! Can go there anytime! 😀

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