A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Today marks my first salary on my new job. Since I have an event at the Powerplant Mall, I kept thinking of what I will buy to mark this very important occasion. My heart was set on going on a shopping spree at Muji, then buy myself some magazines at Homme et Femme Univers (went there, found the magazine I wanted was out of stock and went through the most intimidating period of my life — i.e. “the sales people were gauging if I can afford it or not”) — but after getting drenched and because I was very sleepy, I decided to skip the shopping and just do it on another day.

After the event, I treated the boss to yoghurt at Lulu Belle and window-shopped outside the various toy stores. Everything was doing well until I made the mistake of going inside Toys R Us.

That’s where I saw her:

Limited edition Dolls of the World Barbie -- you know which country I got

This limited edition Dolls of the World Barbie featuring my favorite country is just so beautiful to event pass up. When I looked at the price and saw that it will cost me ten days worth of transpo money + lunch — I knew that I had to let it go. The sensible and intelligent thing was to walk away.

Then this small yet forceful (and extremely convincing voice inside me said: “You worked so hard this past three weeks…you deserve a reward”

So the next thing I can only remember was me handing over the cashier my card and waiting for her to ring the register.

Yes, I bought the doll and gave it to myself as a gift. Currently, she is the prettiest in my collection.Even the Hubby loves her.

I just can’t get over the fact that she is so pretty. Definitely something my future kids will love.

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