I went to ToyCon 2011… and all I got was a Matsumoto Jun uchiwa!

My best friend of fifteen years and I share a common passion. We love dolls. While I hunt anything that is related to Bratz, Barbie and Pinky Street, my best friend would kill for any Hello Kitty and Barbie toy that will cross her path.

It doesn’t help that we both married game boy geeks who also adored toys on a weekly basis and that we had enablers who allowed us to go crazy on whatever toys we want.

For our monthly meet-up, my best friend and I agreed to attend this year’s Toy Con with R, one of our good friends from university as well as bestie’s baby bro who always tagged along our leisurely pursuits.

Anyway, the recent Toy Con, held at the Megatrade Hall of the Megamall unleashed all of Manila’s geekdom. And to you, I shall say: “the geeks shall inherit the earth…” 🙂

The place was packed to the rafters, as in you were literally rubbing ass with someone else’s ass, that all you can do is pray that you are rubbing ass with someone clean and someone who didn’t take a dump that morning. Game boys, figure geeks, cosplayers and even comic buffs packed the space that it’s a wonder how we survived the onslaught of toy hungry attendees:


angry walnuts
cos players galore, too bad i dont know who she's supposed to be
first love never dies. this guy is my puppy love! (i wish he had chris reeve's face tho)
She is the prettiest girl I ever saw 🙂
dolls! dolls! dolls! (drool...drool...drool)
dolls for macho dudes

In short, there were really a lot of stuff to choose from. In fact, I even saw a table selling Tokidoki items real cheap, but since I had no intention of spending whatever money I had left from my last salary from the previous job, I decided that I will not buy anything…and that I am just there to ogle stuff.

That is, until I came across this effing table:

the We.Nid.Okane table sells JE stuff!

The table sells all JE stuff, and even Japanese fashion magazines. Out comes the wallet, and voila:

yes, my penny-pinching powers are irrelevant when it comes to you. you are my freaking kryptonite

I managed to stop myself from buying the Myojo and the Fine Boys magazines featuring the Stormie boys on the cover. It took me a lot of self-will and patience not to buy them. I reasoned that since I am going to Singapore, I will need my money. I can always buy a Japanese fashion magazine there! I also managed to get a few stuff for the hubby, so that he’ll shut up and don’t give me much crap when he sees my brand new Jun Matsumoto fan.

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