Project Aral kit from National Bookstore

When I was still a student, one of the things that I loved best about starting a new school year is the chance to buy new school supplies. I loved having to choose my new notebooks and choosing new pens.

And like any geek who gets a high when smelling fresh paper, I get a kick out of having to choose from all the notebooks and writing paper that can only be found inside the bookstore. I remembered that a week or two before the start of classes, my mom, my siblings and I will go to National Bookstore to buy our new school stuff. My mom will allow us to hold our separate baskets as we choose from a myriad of pencils, pens, notebooks, erasers and all other supplies that spelled heaven for all of us. I remembered that one of the highlight of this yearly trip to National Bookstore was the time when my mom finally bought me a Trapper Keeper, which waaay back in 1998, is the epitome of cool 🙂 (Hey, did you ever owned a Trapper Keeper?)

To this day, buying new things for school remained of my best memories of being a student. It’s something I managed to retain even when I started working (I get a kick out of buying office supplies for my personal consumption) It’s also something that I am seriously looking forward to doing when the times comes that it is my child who will be going to school and needing new supplies.

But imagine if you are a kid who barely has enough to spend for tuition. Your parents can’t barely make ends meet. Where will you get your school supplies?

This is the premise behind the Project Aral campaign by National Bookstore. For only PHP 25, you get to donate a pack containing two notebooks, a pencil and a sharpener to poor yet deserving students who have yet to have their own school supplies. The process is actually simple: you choose from one of the packs displayed at the Project Aral kit table, pay it on the cashier, the cashier–at this point–will ask you the sign the kit with your name (“Donate by XXXXXXXX”) and will then ask you to drop the pack at the drop box especially marked for the campaign.

I donated two kits–one from me and another one in Mike’s behalf. My only wish is that whoever gets to own the notebook, may they be able to enjoy it and use it fully in school

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  1. Xan Hermoso says:

    hi there, would you mind if I copy and reblog that 1st photo? So I can share NBS’s project, too. I was at their Filinvest branch last weekend but sadly was not able to bring a camera along. Let me know if it’s fine with you. Thanks, have a nice day.

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Hi! Sure, you may copy if it will help us promote NBS’ Project Aral. Kindly credit KamikazeeGirl na lang. Thanks and have a great day!

  2. Lalaine says:

    My namae is Ms. Lalaine Vitug-Mallari, Chairperson of the Mass Communication Program of St. Paul University Manila. The Mass Comm Program has an adopted aeta community in Botolan Zambales. We are sponsoring a literacy project which we name it as “Aeta Eskwela” where we train volunteer teachers in Botolan to teach Aeta children the basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. Last year we have 18 students. But this year, it grew to 120. May we ask the help of National Bookstore to aid us in the support of educational materials and school supplies. Currently we are also looking for sponsors who can help us provide chairs and tables for the kids. These aetas are climate change refugees who also cannot afford to go to formal education. Our school in Sitio Tumangan, Botolan are 2 make shift areas, with no concrete structure. Please help us in this endeavor. My email address is


    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Hi Lalaine. Sorry for the late reply. I am sorry to inform you that I am not connected to National Bookstore. You might want to check their corporate communications department for your very commendable project.

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