A summer get-away, heart-tugging proposal, a (NOT so) royal wedding and the little beach resort that couldn’t

I. The summer outing
I vainly tried to recapture one last time before rain and thunderstorms recapture the metro with an annual summer trip with my group of friends, aptly called the Mean Team (and that is not just for name’s sake–we REALLY are mean) from two jobs back.

mean team 2011 (missing in action: the hubby)

You have the understand these people, they can be (well…we) really mean and bitchy when they want to, which is on a normal basis. If you’re someone who is easily offended, sensitive, takes yourself too seriously, conservative and too-Politically Correct, then there is no point hanging out with us. We are talking about people here who find simulated porn scenes funny, and whose daily conversation revolves around sarcasm. We are a tightly-knit bunch and we kinda have a way of sticking up for each other when and if needed. We also don’t hesitate to tone the line and humiliate one of us to pieces if we think one is at fault. I have been friends with these people for almost 5 years now years of which I have been away, working for another company, for almost 2 years. While I don’t get to see them on a daily basis, I try to clear my schedule for really important Mean Team events (like the summer outing, christmas party and the halloween get-together).

I almost cancelled on this outing — first, because I had a teambuilding with my new company; and second — because I was dangerously low on funds by that time. Thankfully, I chose to go. I would have missed one of the best moments in Mean Team’s five year history.

II. Because “Jowa” (we call him that) proposed to CB that night!

As usual, I hitched a ride to my amazing sister-from-another-mother G and her equally handsome hubby C. Inside the vehicle, G informed me that Jowa was proposing that night and they have already prepared some of the necessary arrangements for the big proposal. One thing you can prolly give props to my friends is they get a kick out of surprises and would never turn down an opportunity to be part of one.

By afternoon, G and I were stealthily pouring tiny marshmallows on carved out bread. we also attached through a ribbon a necklace on one of the bread, and the engagement ring on the bottom of the other bread bowl. The third one was meant to just piss off CB.

Here’s the proposal in pictures:

The look on CB’s face was simply too precious — and she even cried! 🙂 This is–bar none–one of the best surprises ever thrown by the Mean Team. The countdown to the wedding now begins.

III.Speaking of weddings —
We arrived at Almalin Beach Resort (more on this later) at around ten in the morning, hungry, pissed off due to the long trip and a bit sleepy for waking up early. As soon as we set foot on the resort, the elderly caretaker immediately informed us that we are not yet allowed to loiter on the resort since a couple (one Pinay and one foreigner) rented the whole place until 12noon that day. If we want, we can sit on the beach front while they ask approval from the newly weds.

Immediately, eight pairs of eyebrows started going up and down (seven of these belong to the girls, while another one belonged to the Goddess V) — while you can hear various permutations of the word “annoying, lousy, pissed off, etc”.

Sensing that we don’t appreciate being baked like lobsters on the hot afternoon sun, the caretaker allowed us to stay on one of the cottages provided we won’t make too much noise for the other guests. Of course, we wanted to follow this, but ended up screaming our lungs out due to an effing card game.

After an hour, we were finally allowed to settle down in our rented house (the biggest one in the resort, by the way). Everything was okay until we finally decided to have a round of tag games in the small (MINISCULE) swimming pool fronting the guest house. Incidentally, the swimming pool was also located near NOT-Duke-William and the Filipina NOT-Duchess-Kate is staying for their honeymoon.

In a short while, NOT-Duchess-Kate strolled out of her cottage and complained to the caretaker that we were being noisy. The caretaker then approached me to say that the woman wanted her effing peace and quiet in her honeymoon. WTF? You’re no longer renting the whole resort, princess — your kingdom is reduced to the 35cm space you call “your cottage”. Of course, her snide comments fell on deaf ears. In fact, the noise brought about by the proposal that night must have scared off her husband’s libido. I mean, if they wanted peace and quiet, they should have rented that damned place for two days straight and have it closed to public. Maybe then, they could fornicate in peace. Plus, we paid prime money just for a great day of R and R–and we have no intentions of acting like as if we were in a library just because they were boinking on the other cottage.

What pisses us off in this episode is that it was the Filipina who was acting high and mighty, like as if she owned the resort. Her in-laws were there and they were nice people who smiled at us each time they encountered us on the resort grounds. It was just the freaking woman–and a Filipina at that! It’s just so sad, you know–it’s really one of our many annoying traits. Having the tendency to be all high and mighty. Plus, the B that rhymes with witch kept on looking at us especially when her husband is around. If it’s any consolation — totally not our type.

IV. And now we go to the resort…

What can I say about Almalin Beach Resort? Well, if you have other choices: you are better off with them. Little to non-existent customer service, some parts of the toilet and bath were not working efficiently (drain problems, etc) plus the privilege of being visited by numerous house flies for two days!

The rooms were nice and huge — especially the rooms situated on the main house where we stayed. There were plenty of toilets and baths along the property. The resort could have more potential for travelers, if only it is well-maintained and provided with ample security.

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