Vinegar, with a punch

Spotted on my mom’s small convenience store:

Holy mackerel, Batman! It's Manny P!

Yep, you guessed it right. That’s the world’s best pound-for-pound king hamming it up on the plastic packaging of a local Vinegar brand. When I said “hamming it up” — you have to look at his absurdly annoying face as presented on a cheap packaging of plain local vinegar.

Manny P worshippers, hold on to your panties since I am not bashing your idol. My point is just: if you’re the King of Pound-for-Pound boxing, an elected government official, and literary considered one of the Philippines’ national treasures–I think it is the job of Manny’s (amply) paid PR people to screen his endorsements. Whether he like it or not, he should be presented in a classy manner and a classier campaign, and not just through advertising by stamping his face in a vinegar packaging.

(Now I wonder how the Filipino consumers’ psyche works: Are they like, “noo-ni-noo-ni-nooo…must buy suka (vinegar) for my adobo…what should i use? what should i use? i need something really good…” Then sees the Pacquiao mug on the vinegar, “Oh Manny Pacquiao! I’d be buying this na lang….it’s Manny P eh!”)

PLUS,I seriously effing hate how his face seemed so be trying so hard to be cute. Oh, did I mention above that he is an elected government official too? I did? One look at his picture here, you’ll have a hard time believing it too.

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