Cab You!

If there’s one thing I hate (with a passion) right now — it’s taking a Goddamned cab. For the non-Pinoys and the uninitiated, the price of riding cabs in Manila have increased tremendously a few months back. Flag down rate in Manila used to be 30 pesos plus a P2.50 addition for every X number of kilometers. Now, the flag down rate is at PHP 40 and there’s an additional P3.50 for every X number of kilometers. Though I suspect, it’s for every Meralco post in sight since the damned meter gets updated every nano second or so.

As much as possible,I try to steer away from cabs especially if the funds are running low and my day is not going right. Reason is because I have low tolerance for BS and there are many Manila drivers who has a tendency to spew BS no matter what time of the day. I used to be a heavy cab rider but when I noticed that most of my earnings went to riding cabs, I decided to quit cold turkey. The only thing that can make me touch a cab these days would be: a) if the company is paying for it (reimbursement) or b) if I am so tired, taking the cab is the best option.

I am reminded again of my aversion to riding cabs late this afternoon–when following a three hour travel from Batangas from a company team building, I decided to ride one so that I can get home faster. The poor driver seemed to be driving his cab for the whole day since he started babbling about the traffic and the meter and how it would be unfair for me to be charged extra as soon as I settled myself on the passenger seat. He then proceeded to rant about his job, the fuel price and the “indifference of passengers” — by that time, I decided to at least look like I was agreeing with what he was saying. chances are–if he is some kind of a nutjob at least he would assume I was listening and not dismissing him off.

Meanwhile, the meter was shooting up really fast, but I didn’t say anything since I wasn’t sure if it was busted or not. Again, I don’t want to seem rude or indifferent. But more importantly, I had no intention of pissing off a really agitated driver.

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