If you’re in Singapore: support the freedom to love on June 18

This is one of the best spots on gender equality that I’ve seen in a very long time. This short film is meant to promote Singapore’s Pink Dot Rally on June 18 to be held at Hong Lim Park at 5PM.

Since it is illegal to hold political assemblies and rallies in Singapore, the organizers is touting the gathering as a “color-coordinated picnic”. 🙂 The ad was directed by award winning film maker Boo Junfeng (Sandcastle, Cannes 2010).

Unfortunately (and after reading the rest of the content of the PinkDot website) foreigners and non-Singaporean residents and PR are not allowed to participate in the “formation of the pink dot itself”, but the organizers will be allotting a special place for foreign attendees. Foreigners can watch and observe on that allotted area. I hope foreigners attending this event will take note of this ruling since this was mandated by the authorities and NOT the organizers.

I hope we all do our share in promoting gender equality, as well as the rights of the LGBT community, not only in Singapore but also to the rest of the world.

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