Meet your new Office Lady

I had my human resources orientation with my newest gig today. It was fun — HR was accommodating and easy to talk to.

Anyway, we were discussing about the office rules and regulations, when–of course our conversation went on the topic of OFFICE ATTIRES: no cleavage inducing tops, no sleeveless shirts, no jeans, no leggings and no sandals. I am assuming that my favorite rock star boots is also prohibited. The HR manager then highlighted that my position as Junior Manager (one that will be directly reporting to the SAVP) merits that I wear the proper attire to work. I assured her that I will be in my best behavior and will make sure that I will not report to work like as if I have been to a JPop photo shoot.

HR Manager gave my outfit of the day the once-over: frilly, elbow length blouse, soft, chiffon skirt and heeled brogues. Her verdict: “okay enough but you look like you’re the guest of honor in a garden party” WOW. I have my quotable quote for the day. LOL.

But what do you really wear to work? Truth is, I never had the opportunity of being compelled to be in office attire./ I began working as a lifestyle writer, where I was always in a tank top and jeans and boots. Then, my work at the pier allowed me some liberty with what I wear PLUS by the time I became a regular employee, we were already wearing CORNY looking uniforms. The same goes for my stint with my longest employer, the airport-based freight forwarding company. The uniform was so horrible we looked so unfortunate wearing them. While the Japanese skin care company demanded business attire wear for its employee, I learned to play along the rules by adapting the Japanese way of dressing up (Shibuya + Harajuku everyday). So you can probably say that I kinda had it easy. Well, not until this gig.

Lemme make one thing clear: I want to take this job and position seriously. Finally, after a decade of toiling and not being given the break I think I deserved, I think I owe it to this company to be at my best behavior. I was blessed to be given a managerial position and I don’t have any plans of taking this blessing for granted. I think you all know what I went through with my stint at The Firm. I was just thankful and lucky to be finally moving forward. If this gig meant that I have to be on my best behavior and wear the office attire that I dread so much–so be it.

All I know is that I don’t want to be wearing anything that closely resemble this:

picture not mine

I am not saying that they are ugly, I am just saying that they look plain and boring.

If I am to wear professional looking clothes, these are my pegs:

picture not mine -- but the clothes are freaking amazing!
pic not mine -- but I wish the clothes were!

Why can’t I look like the office ladies featured in CanCam and AneCan? (For the uninitiated, CanCam and AneCan are Japanese fashion magazines catering to college girls (CanCam or Can Campus) and young professionals (AneCan).

the uber pretty Yuri Ebihara on the pages of AneCan

I only wish I can find clothes of this caliber (of course they shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg) cos the last time I looked for office attire (which was yesterday) I developed a really bad migraine.

Wait for the unveiling of me, version 3.0 🙂

PS: There is a post script to this story. We are about to end our orientation when the HR Manager landed her gaze on my head. More accurately, on my beloved blond hair. She said, I didn’t see any policy against colored hair, but obviously — you’re the only one here who have light colored hair…I’ll let you go this time. Let’s talk once I finalize the policy. WHOA!!!!!!! I don’t wanna be raven-haired anymore!!!

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Wait…hold up…you have utang na kwento! This is your utang na kwento. I mean, I know what happened during your stint at the Kaisha (?) but when did you even find time to find new work? And who are these people? They sound really strict and professional. Argh! I’m really curious.

    Personally, I have no problems with the plain and boring look…most of the time I don’t want to stand out anyway…but there are days when I want to dress like the other pictures that you posted…Lanikun, I know you can rock the office attire look. You have amazing inspiration!

    I’m not sure if you shop at places like Kamiseta or Bayo but that’s a good place to start. Not all items there are expensive. I like Bench too but I mostly buy shirts there and not blouses. Of course, my favorite dept. store of all time, SM!!! never fails as well…though I am quite biased in favor of the cubao branch.

    As for the hair color…oooh dear, I’ve never heard of such a rule…I guess it really depends on the kind of company you work for.

    Fighting, Lanikun! And I hope to hear your kwento soon! =)

  2. Craig Denim says:

    nice clothes in those pictures!

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