Hey Blondie! (part deux)

Remember how I was going on and on before that I think I am destined for a life as a blonde?
Well, like all peroxide blondes…my full head of yellowish-grey hair had to eventually go —

the roots! the ROOOOOOOOTS!!!!

In time, my hair resembled a bad copy of Bellatrix LeStrange’s full head of hair of various colors (mine was black, blonde and grey), especially during hot, humid days were my hair is not cooperating and sticking to all directions.

I was raring to cover up my roots and replenish the colors and finally — it happened:

FIRST Aid Salon - Greenbelt (Bench FIX)

I had it done where I had it colored in the first place, at the Bench FIX Salon (First Aid salon) at Greenbelt 3, where the stylists will really take care of you–even if you arrived a bit late. Decided to cover my face on the pic since I really looked like shit (I walked from the MRT station to the FIX Salon), and well–I don’t want to post
pictures that are vomit inducing.

I love my hair and all, but I have to say this: having your colored 5 or 6 shades lighter is pure hell, especially if you are going for the really light ones (like blonde). Since we were using bleach to achieve the color, the pure agony of going through the stinging and hot scalp was torture. You really won’t feel it first when they are applying the hair color, but just when your hair is fully coated–that is where the torture begins. The pain and stinging was so bad that I was almost crying and obsessing about the possibility that my hair will just suddenly fall to the floor in wet, foamy clumps. The stylist assigned to my hair tried his best to alleviate my suffering, but it is only when he started washing off my hair that I felt the stinging sensation banish from my scalp. It was so painful that I was tearing up. Yes, the shitty things we do for beauty. And as expected, I will go through the torture (AGAIN) in two months or as soon as those pesky roots started showing.

But the pain and the damage it afforded my wallet is worth it:


PS: Got tons of stuff to write about, but am currently grappling with a searing headache, brought about by the fact that I spent 3 hours of my life searching for the ultimate office attire.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. gianne alvarez says:

    Hi! I’m really interested to get my hair colored at bench fix and i’m wondering how much it would cost me because i want to get my hair colored to brown with red undertone and with some highlights, also can u recommend a stylist for me? Thank u so much!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Hi Gianne! I usually get my hair done at BenchFix Greenbelt and usually costs me about 2.5k to 3k. Look for Aggie, he is my long-time hairstylist there.
      Thanks for visiting!

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