Days in oblivion

It’s a full-blown countdown before I finally leave my work place of four months.
In four months, I managed to do find like-minded individuals whom I spent time bitching, asserting loser status and finally, the joys and blessing of finally finding the opportunity to move on.

Here’s my Friday night, spent together with the miserable kids club:

penne pasta - Seattle's Best

We hung out (like the smug kids that we are) at Boni High Street, lounging away like the tired and stressed yuppie slaves that we are. Our venue of choice? Seattle’s Best. Coffee shops are a dime a dozen here in Manila, but my top pick would always be UCC Coffee, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Seattle’s Best and Figaro. UCC because (as you know) I support all things Japanese; Figaro because this coffee shop is where the hubby and I first dated, and has played significantly in M and I’s dating and marriage life and finally, Seattle’s Best and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because it is not crowded and noisy. What I love also with Seattle’s Best is that they have great pasta meals and their coffee also tastes great. The interiors at their High Street branch was simply awesome, like you were somewhere else: maybe in New York or London perhaps?

Anyway, the peace and quiet usually associated with Seattle’s Best was definitely ruined last night after my friend C started spewing bullsh*t and various obscenities in her usual perky little mouth. C has a loud personality, matched equally with her adorable “go-get-em” attitude. I love that she really doesn’t care about what other people friggin think and she will say what’s on her mind, irregardless of where she maybe.

While C is embarrassing the hell out of J (the only guy in the group, both to his advantage and misfortune):

my laid-back Friday accessories

I took pictures of my latest favorite, my “laid-back Friday” baller bands that I’ve taken to wearing each time I feel like the day will be slow, informal and laid back. The red baller ID with the funny chipmunk is the one I got from the Sanrio gachopon machine during me and my best friend’s Saturday day out. The white baller band is a (sort of) birthday gift from my dear hubby, which he bought at local lifestyle store, Bench. The One for Japan baller band reads: 日本 の た め に… when roughly translated, it can be read as “Nihon no Tame Ni/For the Benefit of Japan” (I hope my Japanese is still not as rusty as I think it was). While I don’t really like wearing rubber bracelets since it has a tendency to trap moisture and sweat, these two bands meant a lot to me so I wear them as much as possible.

Since we are getting sentimental, my best friend of 15 years gave me this cellphone charm during our Saturday gimik a week ago:

she's so me!

Ain’t she cute?

I love this picture of C and J cos it revealed their personalities:

the bitchy C and the saintly J

C with her bitchy smirk and J with his “aw-shucks-keep-the-volume-down” smile and shy demeanor. J is this big shot writer who managed to have a few stories out in the front page during his short tenure as a business reporter for one of Manila’s leading dailies. He is also the voice of reason in our little group, being the guy who had to keep the estrogen level down each time. Also present is model A, not to confuse with conservative A, who is equally as loud as C.

After the very loooooong coffee, we decided to have a bottle of beer each, to shake off the Friday night blues and help usher in a laid back weekend:

well, i had 2 and 1/2 bottles 🙂

I decided to throw in the towel and go home to the comfort of my bedroom at 1AM, meanwhile–the three decided to look for other hedonistic opportunities, elsewhere.

Good times, indeed.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    You’re leaving already Lanikun? =( But I guess if you’re really not happy, then I support you. Ganbatte and Fighting!

  2. Tina says:

    hahaha! I love how you described me L! Bitch C! hahaha and omg J isnt so saintly! Seriously! hahaha! Had fun babe.. See you soon. Blog our next hotel shindig happening really soon.. Love you Sweetie! =P

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