Beauty loot this week: Etude House and Mosbeau

I maybe highly addicted to shoes and quirky dresses, but I am not big on beauty stuff. I am not really particular on make-up (as long as its sparkly and Japan/Korean-made), as well on the products that I put on my face.

I am blessed to have great skin, in spite my old age. Not to gloat or anything, but I didn’t go through the agony of having too much pimples on my face. The nearest I had with this battle with pimples was during my first and second year in university, where I was battling new surroundings and new people, plus this excruciating fixation with my first college crush (this coming from a girl who grew up in an all-girl school). My face resembled a bad QC road then and I went through a plethora of facial creams, toners, lotion and even scrub just to clear up the colony of pimples who decided to reside in my face. But after my eighteenth birthday, my face suddenly cleared up and it’s been that way ever since (knock on wood).

I am lucky to be able to use any product on my face and still get good results. I don’t have a particular facial wash–I went through Ponds, Avon, Face Shop, Mary Kay, St. Ives and Celeteque, and still get the same results. Right now, I swear by Ponds Pure White (the black variant) facial wash and I love the way it feels on my skin. But there are really lazy days when all I fall asleep without washing up, and deep inside I know that this bad habit will come back to haunt me when I am older.

One of my best discoveries I had over the weekend is Etude House‘s Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream.

I discovered this amazing cleansing cream during my Saturday bonding day off with my best friend of 15 years (we go waaaaay back) at the Megamall branch of Etude House. It was my first time to enter an Etude House store and I must say that the merchandise selection was really nice and affordable. There were a lot of people there last Saturday, but I have a feeling that it’s more because of the life-sized Lee Min Ho standee positioned near the store entrance. Teeners were cramming the entrance area cos they were taking pictures of themselves leaning on Lee Min Ho (kids these days 🙂 )

For only P198, you get an amazing cleansing cream that removes make-up and even deep-seated dirt which you may have accumulated during the day (no thanks to Manila’s pollution and the searing heat). Truth is, during my usual lazy days, this is what I usually use to clean my face. I massage a teeny amount on my skin then wipe the excess cream with tissue or cotton. For days when I feel like doing the whole pre-sleep enchilada, I wash my face with Ponds then use the facial cream for that extra clean feeling.

I bought this last Saturday and so far, I am very happy with the results. I love that my skin feels a lot smoother than before, and my pores seemed to be less visible.

– seems to be effective for me, my skin is smoother and my facial pores are less visible
– cute packaging, very pretty and classic
– very affordable. At P198, it’s the cheapest cleanser I encountered in the market
– nice smell, not to cloying or sweet

– a bit oily. you have to wipe excess cleanser well or else, you will feel the product sticking to your face

I was also also given Mosbeau’s latest facial products by my good friend P, the managing director for PMP Communications. First, a full disclosure–I used to be the PR Officer and Copywriter for Mosbeau Philippines Inc and I spearheaded the launch of Angel Locsin as the endorser for the brand in 2010. I left the company January of this year and I still continue to visit the office since I had a great time working for this company.

Before I left, I was working on this project:

So it was a very pleasant surprise for me to know that this product has been launched already. The Mosbeau All-in-One Set is intended to end a woman’s tedious beauty regimen. This All-in-One set is all you need to get the beauty benefits of whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, UV Protection and peeling.

I haven’t used this product yet since I still have my Ponds facial cleanser, but one thing I can tell you is that the CEO of Mosbeau, Mr. Mitsuharu Hayashi, has done his best to ensure that the product he is offering contains the best of Japanese ingredients and utilizes the best of Japanese technology. I was there during the development process and I remember that we even had to choose the scents and quality of the product. During the product development of the facial soap, we were given samples which we can use at home. The facial soap leaves a squeaky clean feeling on your face, minus the dryness and stickiness usually associated with soaps.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried the facial cream yet, even during the development stage. So I can’t really say anything about it, if its effective or not. Thing is–I don’t think that I will be using the cream since I don’t like to whiten my skin. I am quite contented with my skin color so there is a strong probability that I’ll just give the facial cream to my mom. But oh boy, I am definitely keeping the soap…I love this product and the strong suds that it produces. Did you know that the suds alone can cleanse the face?

What I liked best about this product is the way it was packaged. This was also the brilliant idea of our shacho (our big boss) who was instrumental in developing and producing new products to the Philippine market. I think this retails for P1,480 in major health and beauty stores throughout the country. I will definitely keep you updated once I tried the soap.

Mosbeau has a lot of awesome products, most of which are sold in Japan. Hopefully, shacho will bring them also here in the Philippines. (looking forward to the hair serum, shacho!). While I haven’t tried their Mosbeau Placenta White Supplement due to the fact that I hated doing anything that will lighten my skin and after a week of popping these whitening pills, my sister complained that it’s making her feel bloated, I know for a fact that there are people who swore by its effects. My preferred product then was the Mosbeau Placenta White All-in-One Cream, which managed to remove the ugly black stain in my feet caused by wearing too much flip flops.

I remember that these were the last copy I did for Mosbeau before I left. It’s always nice to see the fruit of your hard work finally displayed on the shelves of various health and beauty stores.

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