Stupid things that smart people do

I always pride myself of having a good head on top of my miserably-sloping shoulders, but sometimes I do stupid things that even amaze me.

Just how stupid? Imagine throwing caution to the wind to commute in a “hold upper” infested area of the Metro, right on the fringes of the city where you can lose your life just by owning a nifty cellphone. And for what? To get two freaking gadgets which I don’t even own, and won’t even get to use, which was loaned to members of the high and mighty Philippine media. The story of my life, ladies and gentlemen.

Here’s how stupid I got last Tuesday: fed up with one of my client going on and on and on about how the gadgets they loaned for media relations use was waaaaay overdue, I decided to get them myself. I was determined to send them back to client’s storage so that I don’t have to hear the numerous rantings and whining from my client whose voice is probably one decibel higher to that of a cockroach. Dwindling on funds but determined to get the gadget, I decided to go there by commute. I took the metro, got off the second to the last station, followed the crowd who was spilling on the other side of the highway. Note that the area was across the high speed highway. Walk, walk, walk — until I finally saw myself alone, standing under the bridge which reeked of urine and surrounded by kanto boys who noticed my “lost in space” demeanor, the map I stupidly held in my hand, the look of worry on my face and my out of place look which signaled I was not from the area.

After mustering enough courage, I crossed the street and took a foot pedaled trike which then promptly took me inside the small narrow passages filled with kids full of snot, and of men naked from the waist up, and having small talk while downing bottles of beer. Clutching my bag tightly, the only thing running through my mind was, “If I get mugged, and die today because my bag doesn’t contain anything of value — it’s my freaking fault”.

Obviously, I lived to tell this tale. Of course, I may just be paranoid, and judgmental (which is shameful actually). Or maybe, due to the things I read on the papers and the morbid happenings I hear in the news (kid gets killed cos of laptop! old lady gets mugged then killed!) — I can’t help but be wary of my surroundings. But what I did last Tuesday, to throw caution to the wind and disregard my own personal safety just for the sake of two freaking gadgets which I don’t even own, is waaaay up there on the list of stupid things that I get to do.

The gravity of my stupidity and carelessness stuck me hard while I was on my way home, safely inside a cab when he kind elderly driver suddenly quipped, “what were you doing ma’am standing alone on that corner? do you know that there are many incidents of mugging in that area?” . I was carrying two expensive gadgets that is yet to be released in this country, and there is no way I am going to risk my life for something that I don’t even own.

I may claim to be some wise-ass chick most of the times, but that is definitely one time where my brain is not where it’s supposed to be.

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