where lonely birthday girls go

May 05, 7PM – its a few hours before my birthday, and I was feeling a bit under the weather. I guess you would be too if you were the office whipping girl; and if your wallet and bank account is more problematic than the Philippine economy.

Since my good old sister can’t meet me due to her pre-climb meet-up (I think my unnie will someday scale the Everest) and since I have a few hours to spare before I go to my Manila in-laws, I decided to finally try out Toast Box.

Toast Box is the latest kaya/kopi joint in Manila today, following in the footsteps of old favorite Kopi Roti. Located at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5, this kopitiam follows the old world aesthetics of Old World 50s appeal and serves tried and tested favorites from its Singaporean counterparts.

So how do you eat a soft-boiled egg anyway?

Following the specific directions, here’s the outcome:

doesn't look too appealing, but believe me -- it's so good

Might not be an ideal things for the squeamish (read: maarte) but I assure you it’s comfort food like no other. I love how upon breaking the shell, there were chunks of egg yolk mixed with the gooey consistency of the white. Plus, when eaten together with Kaya Toast — it was simply delightful, the perfect dinner for someone going through mid-life crisis.

The difference with Toast Box’s Kaya Toast is the bread is a lot thicker than the one served in Yakun Kaya (in Singapore) and Kopi Roti. The toast for Toast Box is thicker (similar to the usual thickness of the Pinoy Tasty) but sinfully smothered in butter and kaya jam. For the uninformed, Kaya Jam is a delightful mixture of coconut milk, egg and sugar, infused with pandan leaves. It’s Filipino relative is the one we call coco jam or matamis na bao.

What I love with Toast Box is that they don’t scrimp on kaya and butter, as in chunks of it will drop off the bread each time you get a piece. I love this bread so much, mixed with the savory flavor of the soft-boiled egg. And the best compliment for this snack: cold coffee, mixed with condensed milk

bottles of Kaya spread, retails for PHP150 (I think)

Anyway, after moping for about an hour — I realized that people at home were cooking FOR ME, my husband is roasting chicken FOR ME…and dad had prepared a feast FOR ME. So, comforted by the delightful snack, I went home and celebrated my birthday with the people who make my life sweeter than it already is.

KamikazeeGirl and The Queen -- four years ago, eating breakfast at Ya Kun in Bugis Street, Singapore

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