It’s a hard knock life!

…but someone has to do it.

Life continues to amaze me. I am still blessed to be alive and to be with family and friends who love me. People may be cruel and petty and general idiots most of the time, but I am blessed to be around people who understands and accepts me for who I am: wavy hair, brash personality and momentary lapses in grammar aside.

I am prepared to hate this week, due to the fact that it’s my birthday week and that one of my client is pretty much blaming me for everything (they could have blamed me for the death of Osama Bin Laden, today 01 May 2011) yet I remained numb and brave and with solid belief of my capabilities. Wow, I haven’t defended myself so hard than today when I felt like I am being portrayed as the “incompetent account handler”. I maybe a lot of things (immature, prone to mistakes, OCD) but I am and never will be incompetent.

Have you ever took stock of your life and realized that you are working close to 12 hours a day for a measly sum that will obviously filter away as soon as the month strikes 15th? I do.
Like what ol’ JayZ said, “it’s pretty much a hard knock life”.

To this day, I seriously place bets in the lotto — with the hopes of making it big and providing a good life for my family. It was not even about the flashy cars, huge mansions or the entourage that comes with having money. I don’t need that. It’s more about ensuring that my mom and dad will grow old comfortable, healthy and happy. You may say that this is just a usual PR shite but yeah, that’s the only reason why I want to get out of this rut that I am in (and maybe travel the world, but that’s another story).

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