“L” is off the market

Kenichi Matsuyama, the lovable “L” to you and me, and the foremost Japanese actor when it comes to eccentric roles, is officially off the market.

The lucky cougar woman is top Japanese endorser Koyuki, his girl friend of two years. (SOURCE)

from Tokyo Hive

The couple registered their marriage last April 01, so I guess the fans already knew that MatsuKen is off the market. I’ve always thought that MatsuKen is quite matured for his age, and he seemed not to have the ego and the trappings of a young J-Idol. A thousand pats on the back for Koyuki for finding her true-to-life “petto”.

I guess the marriage is doing good for MatsuKen, because….

obviously having much, much fun with married life (and Koyuki's cooking) - image from TokyoHive

This image is eons away from the Matsuyama Kenichi we come to know and love:

Read Kenichi Matsuyama’s response to questions about his marriage here

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